Amongst the many items we’d love to sell…two antique toasters


     I managed to remember to take some pictures today.


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  1. Wow, I remember having those items in my house as a girl. Thankfully that doesn’t make ME an antique, LOL.

    DH remembers his parents using both of those toasters. He’s no antiques either.

  2. Wow, did you bring back a memory – when I was quite small my dad came home with four of those toasters. None of them worked, but he managed to make one more or less functioning one out of all of them. This included using three of the cords to make one long enough to plug into the light bulb on the ceiling. Making toast without a fire was an exciting event.

    You should see the antique graters and the saltware crock I found–I’m keeping the crock for now.

    • If the grater you found is for cheese and makes the finely grated cheese like for parmesan or romano, is rounded and attached to a piece of wood, I would definitely be interested in obtaining that from you. It might be like the one my grandparents had.

      Sorry, it’s not a parmesan grater, if it were I’d make certain you would have it.

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