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Date set for house cleanout sale!


     The old refrigerator is out of the house.  All the furniture is polished.  Most of the stuff is set up in the basement.  We still have some tables to do and tools to sort into groupings.  The sale is July ninth and tenth from 9a.m to 5p.m.!!!  If you are in the Allentown area and you want to know where it is.  E-mail me.  Bring plenty of cash because everything must go and we’re willing to negotiate.

     I need to empty the house and (I hope) make enough money from the sale to pay the painters and buy flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. 

Amongst the many items we’d love to sell…two antique toasters


     I managed to remember to take some pictures today.

There was a surprise in the cans of china


     As promised, here are the pictures of the other set of china and a surprise.  When I sorted through china in the lard cans, I found several pieces to a third set!  See the top two pictures.  It’s made by Ostrow China and is called Princess Anne Golden Dusk.  It’s lovely.  The last picture is of the Homer Laughlin Colonial Kitchen.  (All of the china pictured above is for sale.  Contact me here in a comment or by e-mail)

     Today was G’s anniversary so she didn’t go over to the MIL’s house with me.  AJ arrived around three, she was a big help and good company—I do hate to be there by myself.  She helped me load the lard cans full of china into my van.

I managed to clear off and clean the kitchen counters before AJ arrived.  It was quite a chore since the MIL had them completely covered with junk and I don’t think she’d cleaned it in years.  By four o’clock AJ and I were ready to leave.  We carried out three bags of garbage, a completely filled paper recycling bin, and an over filled can and bottle bin.

***Notice to all this was posted in 2011. Dishes are long gone.****


A mixed bag of vintage and antiques


     Today I called many antique shops and auctions in our area and not one of them is taking china.  Just my luck.

     The vintage scarves, dress gloves, and that adorable hat are now sitting in a consignment shop.  The owner thinks they will sell quickly and she’s very interested in the beaded purses.  I need to make up my mind as to which one I want to keep.

     Sunday I’ll bring home a piece or two from the Mojen china and post a picture on Monday’s post.

     Since we’re having a very windy and rainy day today, I am cleaning and putting together the antique desk for my room.  Of course, this means having to move some furniture and rearrange a few things.  That’s fine with me I’d rather keep busy than mope over not being able to get out of the house.

     Y’all have a good one.