Bad TV commercials


     Is it me or are the TV commercials getting worse?  It’s bad enough when we’re assaulted by one bad erectile dysfunction medication commercial after another, but now it’s Christmas shopping commercials.  Does anyone else find that blond lady on the Target commercials downright psycho?  She’s enough to give you nightmares.

     And don’t get me started on the mannequin with her jazz hands.  Give me cute.  Like the Armstrong Floor commercial with the skate boarding Bulldog.  Give me snappy and witty but please don’t tell me to have a happy period.  If Mother Nature ever showed up here to hand me a ‘present’, I’d slap the crap out of her.

     It’s no wonder parents go broke at Christmas.  Little Johnny and Janie are inundated with commercials for expensive toys they must have!  Excuse me, but what child NEEDS a $30.00 cell phone?  Children lose things!  Heck, they lose mittens that are strung through their coat sleeves around their necks or hermetically sealed to their coat cuffs.  Guaranteed you’ll be hearing about how they lost that phone within a week.  You might as well go flush the money down the toilet, or go lose it at the gambling tables.  It all amounts to the same thing.

     There are no limits to the insanity.

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  1. Hope you don’t mind a slight slant of subject – but I absolutely adore the Pupperoni commercials. That and the Armstrong one will stop me in my tracks to enjoy them.

    I’d tell you the ones that I actually change the channel when they come on but I have blissfully forgotten what they are.

  2. Entertaining commercials are indeed few and far between. And the annoying ones–most of them these days–seem to air every 5 minutes. Maybe it’s petty, but I refuse to patronize any company, buy any product, watch any show whose commercials annoy me. Hence, I have NEVER shopped at Target (they should get an award for the most consistently irritating commercials ever), have never bought products too numerous to mention, and never tuned in to many shows.
    Thank God for the MUTE button on my remote!
    And we can thank the retail establishment (they’re ALL guilty) of perverting the true meaning of Christmas.

  3. I’m sorry Dave, but history does not back up your unhappiness about the perversion of the celebration of Christmas. As a holiday it about disappeared until the early 1800’s in the US. One of the biggest promoters of reinstating Christmas as a celebratory holiday was Louis Prang who is credited with inventing Christmas cards.

    It has always been a commercial holiday in the US, along with religious.

    Take a look at Wikipedia under the word Christmas for an historical overview.

  4. True, Elena, but in the last 20 years, the real meaning of Christmas has been trampled by the commercial world. There was a time when Christmas shopping season started after Thanksgiving. It starts earlier and earlier every year. I think this year it started the day after Holloween. Like Peg said, it’s just a way to get us to spend huge amounts of money.
    Even the Christmas cards you cite are just a way for the card makers to part you from your money.

  5. the one that drives me up the wall is the one for sonic drive ins that & the caveman

  6. I’ll let Elena and Dave duke it out…LOL!

    Oh, yes jimjim the Sonic commercials suck–not only because they are so bad, but because we don’t have a Sonic around here. Baby sis and I would routinely stop at one on our way to the Ft. Sam Hospital for her chemo or radiation treatments. I loved the food and so did she! I also hate the caveman commercials.

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