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Crossing Castle off my list of shows


     That’s it I’m done.  When Beckett tasted the drugs that they found in the locker, I was ready to throw a brick at the TV.  No *%$#^$ way!   The writers of the show seriously need to do some real research or talk to some honest to goodness live police officers. 

     Hell, Lee Lofland would love it if they came to him for advice or attended the Writers Police Academy.  Check out his link on my blogroll–Graveyard Shift.

     In the entire show, the only scene I enjoyed was the last one between Beckett and Castle.  Geez, that’s bad.  Most people who switched channels in disgust missed the best scene.  I was busy at the computer—yes, I walked away from the show.  Not far though since my computer is in the living room.  DH was still watching it and making derisive comments through to the end.

     The worst thing is that the premise of this show was good.  The writing however, sucked big time.  For me it means time to say bye bye to Castle.  I have better things to do with my time…like write.

Bad TV commercials


     Is it me or are the TV commercials getting worse?  It’s bad enough when we’re assaulted by one bad erectile dysfunction medication commercial after another, but now it’s Christmas shopping commercials.  Does anyone else find that blond lady on the Target commercials downright psycho?  She’s enough to give you nightmares.

     And don’t get me started on the mannequin with her jazz hands.  Give me cute.  Like the Armstrong Floor commercial with the skate boarding Bulldog.  Give me snappy and witty but please don’t tell me to have a happy period.  If Mother Nature ever showed up here to hand me a ‘present’, I’d slap the crap out of her.

     It’s no wonder parents go broke at Christmas.  Little Johnny and Janie are inundated with commercials for expensive toys they must have!  Excuse me, but what child NEEDS a $30.00 cell phone?  Children lose things!  Heck, they lose mittens that are strung through their coat sleeves around their necks or hermetically sealed to their coat cuffs.  Guaranteed you’ll be hearing about how they lost that phone within a week.  You might as well go flush the money down the toilet, or go lose it at the gambling tables.  It all amounts to the same thing.

     There are no limits to the insanity.

Gavin, Lee Lofland, Castle, and more


     Gavin’s face look less swollen today and he actually stole a Nylabone from Patty to chew on it for a bit.  She was very sweet and let him take it.  I think she’s as glad as we are that he’s feeling better.

     I adore Lee Lofland’s site, The Graveyard Shift.  Heck, I adore Lee.  I met him at a Pennwriters conference.  Last TV season Lee ran a critique of Castle every week—one of my favorite new shows.  He’s started doing a critique of it again this season.  I enjoy his insights and those of the others who comment there.  Having a retired cop in the house, I see (or have them pointed out to me) most of the blips in the crime shows.

     I’ve begun the fall cleaning cycle in my house.  I tackled my desk yesterday and cleared it of an over abundance of crap paper work, magazines, and reference books that I put back in their proper places in the bookcase.  I then dusted and cleaned the entire desk.  Wow, I can see under my monitor now and the glass desk top gleams.  Tomorrow I’ll work on the rest of the living room.

Royal Pains a royal flush


     I’ve been very pleased with the USA and TNT Networks the past several years.  They offer a number of original and enchanting shows, most of which I find better entertainment than what the major networks hurl at us.  These USA and TNT shows have clever writers who seem to enjoy entertaining the public. 

     I watched the season premiere of USA’s newest show, Royal Pains tonight.  They’ve hooked me once again.  I must say, Royal Pains is different, clever, and so far, entertaining.  They hooked me with Monk, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, and Psych, when they came out.  I watch them regularly.  TNT has me hooked on Saving Grace and Leverage.  

     Hey, CBS, NBC, and ABC take a lesson from USA and TNT, hire some good writers, buy some good books, and give us back real entertainment.  We don’t want the reality crap shows you seem to want to palm off on us.

Another great TV show bites the dust

     As I watched Boston Legal tonight, it was with a heavy heart.  Though I took delight in the show itself, I sorrowed over the loss of it.  Tonight was the last episode of one of the best shows ABC has presented us in years.

     I will miss the passionate Alan Shore, the zany ‘mad cow’ afflicted Denny Crane, the calm Shirley Schmidt, and the rest of the charmingly offbeat characters in the cast.

     The show’s adept writers created a program that handled scores of sensitive subjects.  They dealt with racism, women’s rights, gay rights, disabilities, sexual harassment, and many other issues but they handled it well.  The characters steam rolled through with humor, sensitivity, love, and in Denny’s case political incorrectness and guns.

     What is ABC replacing this marvelous show with you ask?  One of those shows that doesn’t require writers or actors of any intelligence or ability.  They will be presenting us with another brainless reality show.  Not a show that draws you in and brings you to tears of joy or grief for characters you grow to love or hate.

     Instead of talented actors/actresses who deliver clever lines of impeccable dialogue that takes you to their world, you will get to watch another simple-minded show. 

     I can picture the network big wigs discussing expenses and coming up with, “Why spend money?  Why not put great writers and actors out of work and replace them with low budget, no talent idiocy.  The public won’t care.”