Repeats of repeats of repeats of….you get the idea.

I cannot watch one more old episode of Criminal Minds without going crazy. I swear he’s watched each one a dozen times. I still watch the new ones, he hasn’t ruined the show for me yet.

Why? Why do we have to watch them? He did the same thing with all the Law and Order shows, now I can’t stand any of them.

Is this a man thing? One must watch good shows repeatedly until your wife (who at one time loved the shows) can no longer stand to even listen to them?

We have dozens of new movies stacked up waiting, nay begging, for us to watch them. I am all for a nightly movie through dinner. There’s not a thing on TV that interests me at that time of day.

Well, last night I blew a gasket and told him to put a movie on. What does he do? He puts on one I wouldn’t watch on my worst day–bought it for him to watch when I was in bed in the mornings. So then he put in one we’d seen.

“What do you mean you haven’t seen this? We watched it together.”

“I don’t remember.”

“Man, I wish I had MS brain and could forget things all the time. We watched this. There’s a huge stack of movies there that we haven’t watched…”

He pouted.

I gave in but was mean enough to tell him what was going to happen throughout.

“Oh, oh! Wait for it…Great line coming…”

He has a brand new, just bought it Tuesday last, movie in the DVD player for tomorrow.

HPIM4053What we watching?

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