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New season of Dr. Who

Love it.  BBC is running a Dr. Who marathon before the new season begins on Saturday. I’ve been watching it since dinner time.

It should be interesting to see how the new Dr. Who is characterized in this season. From the preview flashes he’s older and sounds like he could be a harsher personality.

Could this be the darkest season yet?

What do you think?


Yes, it’s true I’ve been working on my Halloween props for months.

We have plans for another single large prop with some smaller effects for the porch this year.  We are working on our design.

We aren’t mechanics so we’re a bit stuck on how to make our prop move. However we are quite resourceful so we’ll see what happens.

Last year’s porch decor…






Another mixed bag

If I don’t post once in a while in the future, it is because my internet connection is giving me fits. One minute it is working great and the next it is telling me it can’t find a page.

Like this one, or my mail, or Facebook. You get the idea.

My arms are itchy with mosquito bites but the yard is slowly getting done with the cooler weather. I have plants to transplant yet. Yesterday I did more cutting and trimming of vines and other stuff. I also got my bricks in place on the front of the side garden.

Today, I plan to clear the growth in the newly bricked area, add topsoil and peat moss, and begin doing my transplanting.  If I’m lucky I’ll get that finished in time to send someone off with the pick up truck to get a bunch of mulch.



If only a giant could step on it.

I still am having trouble seeing what’s left of the pond area becoming a level lawn. I have no idea how I am going to manage flattening out that hilly area all by myself.

Should I plant some magic beans, grow a bean pole, attract a giant and have him stomp the hilly part flat?

I tried to have a ‘flatten the hill’ party, but no one was interested. Just like no one is interested in a large clump of zebra grass, a large Yucca plant, a Stella D’oro day lily, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Woodruff, and one of two miniature lilac plants.

I guess I’ll have to do a yard sale, take the MIL’s jewelry to a jeweler and sell it, and then, maybe, I can afford to hire someone to come in and fix the yard.

Anyone want to buy a few jewel encrusted fancy schmancy watches? ;)

HPIM3986Most of the hill is cleared (3/4s of it) And the vines are off the arbor and fence.

So how do you get rid of stress?

I keep wondering when I am going to have the time to myself and the creativity to work on my books. Whenever I think I am going to have the time to myself, life interferes.

If it isn’t The Curmudgeon, it’s the dogs. If it isn’t them, it’s me. I had a nagging headache all day the other day, when I could’ve been working on a book, I couldn’t sit in front of the computer. Instead, I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep the pain away.

Guaranteed the headache was stress induced. I’d spent the day before sitting in the hospital waiting for The Curmudgeon to get his MRI done.

I am a complete disappointment to myself.

Better to go outside and cut down a bunch of stuff in the yard and dig around in the garden. Well, what is left of the garden that is. I managed to cut down many of the weeds in what is left of the pond garden. It is getting overgrown with hummingbird vine that I need to deal with.

This weekend I plan to spend time digging out and moving plants since the temperatures are so perfect for that sort of work. For me working in the yard and garden helps to temper my stress levels.

You all have a good one!

HPIM3986Now If only I could get the high parts flattened.

Heather Galler original

Galler picture of PattyLook at what arrived today! Isn’t Patty looking wonderful in her memorial portrait? The Curmudgeon shed a few tears when she came out of the package.

This means I have four Heather Gallers Bully pictures to get framed. Holy cow. The Curmudgeon says I am running out of wall space. I say, good! I want my walls filled with art work.

My sister hoards all the family art, including several of my own pieces. I will never have the pleasure of having any of it on my walls. I only have one of mine, a pastel I did in high school. Karma will get her in the end for her hateful greed.

In the meantime, I plan to laugh and enjoy my collection of happy art for the rest of my years.

HPIM3402 My pastel





Another cha cha in our lives

Wow, fabulous weather! Mid 70’s to low 80s during the day with low humidity and down into the mid to low sixties at night. I could live with this all year round. :) This weather is very good for The Curmudgeon too.

We are now in the process of trying to get an appointment with a neurosurgeon for The Curmudgeon. Not an easy thing to do since they are few and far between and booked up. His Neurologist saw his MRI and tells us he has severe damage at T-10. No wonder he’s had such pain and trouble getting up when he’s fallen. If this is repairable, maybe he’ll improve both physically and in spirit for a time.

Now to sit back with a nice cup of coffee and a good book.

You all have a good one!

Waiting for MRI results again

We had to go to the hospital for The Curmudgeon to get an MRI of his thoracic spine. So glad I took my Kindle along since they took him in fast and I was left sitting in the waiting room. With the Kindle the time passed quickly.

The Neurologist told The Curmudgeon he can’t drive until she sees the results of his latest MRI. He’s not thrilled. If she takes his driving license away we’ll sell the truck. We can use the bucks and we can save all that insurance money that we shell out for it.


Oh, for Pete’s sake, WordPress changed things again!

I am not happy with the new format WordPress threw at us tonight. First of all, I hate surprises. Secondly, the new format makes tagging the post a real PITA.

Hey, there was nothing wrong with the way it was!

On another note, the world is a bit darker now that another great star has gone. Who will ever forget the famous line, “You do know how to whistle, don’t you? You just pucker up and blow.” The fabulous Lauren Bacall, one of the brightest stars, has left us. My deepest sympathies to her family.

Lauren Bacall

RIP Robin Williams

It’s so sad when laughter dies. It died yesterday with Robin Williams. He’s one man I loved to watch whether he was acting, doing improv, stand up, or making an appearance on a talk show.

He made me laugh even when I fell into the depths of sorrow. He shall be missed.

I lost a sister to suicide, she was 29 when she died. It completely gutted our family.

Mr. Williams’ family has my deepest sympathy.

Robin Williams


A mixed batch

The Curmudgeon had a bad day again. At one point I had to get the neighbor over to help him back  into his chair. Come to find out, he thinks he forgot one of his pills the day before.

One squirrel trapped and relocated. He went for a tomato in the trap so we’re hoping it was the tomato thief.

OMG, I actually baked some date bread yesterday. I was in dire need of something sweet. I also found out that Lucy likes date bread.




Squirrel 6 us 1

Baited the Havahart trap with the tomato the squirrel stole off the vine, chewed on, and dropped as he tried to run up the tree with it tonight.

Damned thing, I hope he’s just dumb enough to go for it. He’ll find himself transported to a new life.

He’s almost completely stripped us of tomatoes. Makes me so mad since I had my heart set on enjoying them.

bad squirrel



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