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 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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I think I’ll go fishing again

Oops, I forgot to take my camera to the farmers market again. It’s not like I have a smart phone like most people. I don’t. I don’t even own an old cell phone. I’ve always hated the connected 24/7 aspect of them.

If I am not at home, I am unreachable. I like it that way. One should be allowed one’s privacy and time to oneself. One should be aware of one’s surroundings at all times.

A person shouldn’t be nose first into the screen of a phone all the time. Put them down and walk away. Teach your children to do the same.

Take that time to look at each other, talk, learn to enjoy human company again. It’s not too late and may be the best thing you ever did.

You all have a good one.



It’s not all sunshine

I know it would probably easier to drag myself through each day if I were medicated and numb. However, I do not want to go that route. I’ve seen how damaging that can be.

Once in a while I’ll have a glass of wine or some other drink but never more than one or two and never off into lala land. I have a need to be in control at all times.

Being drugged or drunk doesn’t work well when you have someone to take care of all the time. If The Curmudgeon falls I need to be able to help him up or, at the very least, coherently ask for help.

Twice a year I cut loose and allow myself to get a little out of control. One is over. October cannot get here fast enough this year. ;)

You all have a good one. I’m counting days.


New season of Face Off has begun

I am very happy to have something to watch that keeps my attention. I always envied make up artists their talents. I have no talent in that area of art what-so-ever. I never could sculpt anything that looked like more than a lump of clay.


It looks as though we’re in for an enjoyable season again.

USPS deliveries frustrating

It seems we have a problem carrier for a substitute again. Claims were made that an item was attempted to deliver yesterday and notice left. Not so. We were home and there were no deliveries made and no notices left. We got no mail at all.

I can tell this wasn’t our regular carrier because he always delivers packages and will even check the back yard to see if I’m out there if no one answers the door.  He’s also patient enough to wait for The Curmudgeon to get to the door.

I’m sure that whoever ‘tried to deliver’ our package yesterday will hear about it because I did write a note about not receiving a notice and no attempt had truly been made since we were home all day.

I do hate the laziness that so many of the mail-persons seem to have around here.

the last word



   Happy 41 st Anniversary Dear Curmudgeon! May we have many more!

     So sad to hear that James Garner died, he was always a favorite of mine.

     I was going to change the theme on my blog today but they’ve changed it so that you can’t preview your own blog in the new theme. Not fun. I do like to see what it will look like before I make a change. Worst thing was having to change back when I didn’t like the new choice. What a mess having to redo everything.

     No hummingbird today, how disappointing.

     I’m so glad I bought cherries this week.  They taste so good! Between The Curmudgeon and me they are going fast. How can we possibly resist them? Even the pups are mooching them.

     Lucy and Gavin are crazy dogs. That is all I will say about that. Lunacy reigns in this household.

      You all have a good one!




Guess what was in my garden

HPIM4019We’ve had a little visitor the last few days. She’s quite enamored of the red flowers in the garden. Too bad I can’t get a picture of her, but she’s too fast for my little camera.

If you want to see what I saw go here: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/scbi/migratorybirds/featured_photo/bird.cfm?pix=Ruby-throated_Hummingbird

You all have a good one!

Good food

     I should have taken my camera along to the farmers market. I would have all of you drooling on your keyboards at all the yummy foods there.

     They have everything from health food to potato chips and candy. You can eat at several stands and the variety from which you can choose is amazing.

     Some of my favorite places to stop for a bit of lunch are the Vietnamese booth, the Mediterranean booth, the soft pretzel stand, and the pizza stand.

     I  love the colors of the fresh fruits and veggies and the fragrance of fresh-baked goods and roasted chickens.

     I always wonder how I can resist going every single week…

     You all have a good one!

HPIM4027     Can’t wait for my tomatoes and peppers.

Pictures to make you smile

HPIM4029Lucy helping Daddy put the carrier for the cart together.


HPIM4031Gavin getting some Daddy time.


I think he’s enjoying it.


Lots of work ahead

HPIM4028Now that the rain has stopped

I have my work cut out for me.

Lots of weeds to pull and transplants to do.

This is just a small part of what I have to work on.

You all have a good one!

Taking applications for a new muse

My muse jumped ship a while ago. I guess she decided I just wasn’t giving her enough time.

Therefore, I am now taking applications for a new muse.

All muse applicants must keep in mind that I am a night person and the dogs and The Curmudgeon come first. You must like dogs.

Winged muses need to make sure they can fit through a 32 inch door before stopping by for an application.

If you are a dark muse please keep in mind that I do not read or write horror.

Any muse that can make excellent coffee has an automatic foot in the door.



Thank a feminist if as a woman…

You got an education.

You own property.

You vote.

You have political, economic, cultural, and social rights.

You are not chattel.

Thank them if you have no idea what chattel is…

Go read this http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/todays-young-women-have-betrayed-feminism-8660798.html

Do some real research and find out what being a feminist truly is and who the women were that worked so hard to bring your way of life to the scope it has today.

You all have a good one.


A mish mosh

     We had quite a storm pass through here last night. Lots of rain and enough thunder and lightning to cause little Lucy a bit of consternation.

     Fortunately, Lucy likes to cuddle and that gave her enough security to get past the noise. I blame the idiots around here with the fireworks over the last couple of months for her reaction.


     Anyone have any idea why my sage and pepper plants are looking puny? they are in pots and were looking okay at first but the last few days have not looked well. (Yes, I have watered them.) Makes me wonder because, right next to them, my tomato plants look wonderful.

     You all have a good one!



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