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Yay for Trick or Treat night on Halloween for a change!

G’s new neighbors will be coming over Trick or Treat night and joining in on the fun.

I Invited our other new neighbors to come over for the after trick or treat dinner. They have been fairly warned that last year we had 300 Trick or Treaters show up. Their son is having his second birthday this coming weekend so we’ll add a little something special for him.

How do we top these?


The graveyard birthday cake

The graveyard birthday cake


Spooky food

Now comes the figuring out the menu stage of our trick or treat fun. Our main dish is lasagna, I make a mean one. G is in charge of dessert.

We’re working on some snacks to nibble on during the trick or treat hours before we serve the post trick or treat dinner.

We will have a nice wine and mixed drink bar set up inside for our guests.

Last year, during the trick or treat hours, we drank vodka tonics outside–they glow in the black light, that was fun and we might repeat them this year.

Appetizers and some snacks are all we need to do. I could do a cheese ball mummy or a something.

Any ideas? What is your favorite spooky snack for Halloween?




There wasn’t enough coffee in the world.

HPIM4122I had one of those toss and turn, OMG-am-I-ever-going-to-fall-asleep? nights. Only to have The Curmudgeon call me on the intercom two minutes after I finally fell asleep.

“I can’t take care of the dogs today.”

“OMFG! Really? Why does this always effing happen when I’ve had NO sleep?!”

No, I didn’t get a nap to make up for it after the dogs were taken care of, instead I had to make a grocery store run and after that no one would let me sleep.

Therefore, this is all you’re getting. It’s after midnight and I am going to make a full on attempt to get some sleep.

They love pizza bones

Yesterday was not a healthy food day. We had pizza for dinner. We have Domino’s pizza for dinner about once a month or so. The Curmudgeon gets his favorite of the day and I get an Artisan pizza.

The dogs love pizza night because they get pizza bones. (Pizza crusts) You never saw two happier dogs as when I announce that we are getting pizza for dinner.

We have a good rapport with our Domino’s after all these years. They always get our order perfect. Two of the drivers, that have been with them for years, know us by our first names and call out hello to the pups when they deliver here too.

HPIM3959Did someone say pizza?

Can I have some peanut butter cracker?

HPIM4137I helped you make them.

HPIM4138I made sure you got to the living room with them.

HPIM4139If I look pitiful enough, will you share?

And so it begins….

HPIM4140We are ready to start building Audrey 2.

Care to join us?

I always miss the best shots.

Even with my camera in hand I couldn’t get any shots of Gavin merrily hucklebutting from living room to kitchen and back. Every time I’d get him in the frame and go to hit the button, he’d bounce out of frame.

Idiot dog. Love him to death and would sure love to have a decent enough camera to catch those wonderful shots I can’t get this one to capture.

One day. A good camera is not on the top of my priority list. Not when I need the front porch repaired, a patio, the yard leveled, painting done, dry wall up in two rooms, yeah and many more things. Nope a camera is not on the top of my list.


I’m addicted to Halloween Wars.

I admit it, I have even set the DVR to switch over to the show so I don’t miss it. (No, I don’t go so far as to record it.)

I love seeing the creations made of pumpkin carvings, sugar work, cake, and modeling chocolate.

My jealousy of how clever the pumpkin carvers are knows no bounds. :D


Ew, wet dog smell all day.

I swear these two dogs are so different from each other. It rained yesterday and Gavin had no problem going out even in the worst of it. However, Miss Lucy imagined she might melt her sugary self if she got the least bit wet.

The only time they are anything alike is at meal time. Both are eager eaters and will dance about and holler for their food while we fix it for them. What a hoot.

Bed time, Gavin wants in his crate, he wants the door shut, and he wants the cover down. Lucy would rather sleep on the couch wrapped up like a fuzzy, grey burrito in the soft and fuzzy blanket.

They both snore but I think the little girl snores louder. ;)


Pictures because I am too lazy to write anything tonight.


HPIM3849Nom nom nom!


HPIM4032I am easily amused.

I hope you are too.

Have a good one!

How much fog is too much fog?

Wouldn’t you know it. My new fog machine arrived yesterday and The Curmudgeon decided it was a good time to repair the old one.

**Banging head on the wall**

You couldn’t do that months ago when I asked you to? You waited until I ordered a new one?

Oh well, now I have two.  We’ll fog it up like crazy this year. Is there really such a thing as too much fog on Halloween?


What? Again?

Yeah, Tuesday I drove The Curmudgeon to his pain management appointment. They forgot and only gave him one of his three months of prescriptions which we didn’t see until after we got home. Therefore yesterday, I had to take him back there to get his other two prescriptions.

This happens far too often.

HPIM4125The Curmudgeon was not a happy camper.


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