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She only wants him for his cookies…

Lucy is a mercenary little girl, but then aren’t all bull terriers? If her Daddy has a cookie, she will give him her undivided attention. However, as soon as he is empty-handed, she’s on my lap. :D

If she spots her boyfriend, her crush of the century, no one else exists. She’s cute. She gets away with it.

HPIM4100Allergies are acting up a bit. Time for the Benedryl.


Odds and ends again

I spent the day cleaning out the junk filled back porch. I am over halfway done. I managed to reorganize the storage shelves and throw out a lot of crap.

(SHHHHH! we don’t speak of that to The Curmudgeon. He goes garbage diving to see what he can rescue. None of that crap is coming back in if I can help it.)

Any of my friends need a man’s size 10 waders? He has admitted he won’t be using them again. I have a lovely croquet set too.

Unfortunately I found that my fog machine was back there and somehow managed to break. Guess who needs to buy a new one? Again.

I still need to find a home for the antique rocker.

Anyone see my airbrush? I can’t find it. You know if I buy another one, my old one will suddenly reappear.


Lazy Boy furniture … not what it used to be.

The Curmudgeon had to call Raymour and Flanagan about his Lazy Boy lounge chair. It has a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism and his is not working properly. Again. This will be the second replacement.

The first time they replaced it was within the first week we had it. He’s used this one now for a couple of years and it has crapped out.

I hope they bring him a new one that works and lasts this time. They just aren’t making them as well as they used to.


Did you talk like a pirate yesterday?

HPIM1802“Arrrr,” Gavin says.

Yesterday was talk like a pirate day.

Did you join in the fun?

We did.

Nothing funnier than answering the phone talking like a pirate and scaring the crap out of idiot phone salespeople.

You all have a good one!

Catch up time.

So I ordered my new vacuum cleaner tonight. I need a new one fast, with two dogs, the hair is rapidly taking over. Thank goodness for brooms.

Once the Shark arrives we’ll see if it is as good as the reviews say. My house is an acid test for any vacuum cleaner. We’ve burned out many of them over the years.

Using my Tens unit spared me a trip to the doctor and physical therapy after my fall. I feel great today.

The 20 feet of garland I bought on sale to make Audrey 2’s tendrils arrived yesterday. This is going to be interesting. After the farmers market today, G and I will begin construction. Anyone wishing to donate super huge fake (silk) leaves to the project is welcome. I need to play around with my airbrush, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.


I couldn’t have said it better.

On the question of being childless I always respond that we just weren’t meant to have them. Some very selfish people have kids so to me that means I have proof that us being without children does not mean we are selfish.

We have dogs. HPIM3959

I read this article today. I love it!



If a vacuum no longer sucks is it still called a vacuum?

So after my Garry Vacuum blew the hell up the other day, I had to start looking for a replacement. Opinions abounded as to which one I should buy.

I researched and hunted through all names, brands and types. My criterion was we have two short-haired dogs who shed a lot, some rugs, stairs, and plenty of bare floors.

I have a husband who is careless about things that fall on the floor so the vacuum also needed to be tough.

My friend E had a young man do some research for me too.

Seems we both came to the same conclusion as to what vacuum would be most suitable. Although I am not happy with bagless vacuums, it looks as though the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright is what we will get.

voodoo cookiesYou all have a good one!

Pain relief my way

G and I went to the fair last month. We went through all the outdoor areas and we went to the indoor display and sell you stuff areas too. It was there I found my Tens unit. Very inexpensive and it has done wonders for my back pain.

After my fall yesterday, I used it on my strained shoulder, my back, and the extremely sore spot on my leg. I am happy to report that it has helped a lot.


Ring around da rosy….

HPIM4031Da Mumma must hab thought she was playing ring around da rosy yesterday. She falled down hard. Her has skinned knees and big bruises. She won’t let us jump on her lap or walk into her knees likez we always does. Daddy sez she has an emu’s egg on her leggy. I checked but I can’tz finds it. I think he’s funning us. Da Mumma sez she’z glad she didn’t hitted her chin or nose on the concrete. I couldn’t find the hamburgerz she said she had on her hands eeder, now I iz hungreez.

Anudder day ob da yard sale

Wained aw day and Da Mumma has to do it all ober again. She beez not happy. She sez dey habbed one people comez. Mumma beez bery tired and cwanky sowz I is gonna nappys on da couchy wiff her again.



No post today..well, sort of.

HPIM4101I da pwincezz Lucyfurry cwaims dat da Mumma makes no post tonight, she needz a nappy wiff me so she can dues da yard sale tomowwow.

Whaz a yard sale?

Is flying a flag too much? Never!

I was saddened yesterday to see that only G and I had our flags flying in the entire neighborhood. Not only did I feel great sadness that the American flag wasn’t flying in front of every home, I felt embarrassed that these people would not remember such a life altering event with such a simple gesture.

I for one, will never forget. I will never forgive the abomination.



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