Wow, I forgot how much I enjoyed sitting on my porch

We had a nasty, rude neighbor, who tormented us, made it a misery to sit outside, we quit sitting on my front porch. It’s been a few years since we got to enjoy it.

He moved.

The entire neighborhood celebrated.

This summer …we take back the porch.



Sunny, 80 degrees, and I missed out on it.

Yep, I didn’t get to enjoy the lovely weather we had yesterday.


Well, because…The Curmudgeon, That’s why.

Yeah, a week ago he mentioned in passing that he had a tiny infection in one of his injection sites. (He takes Rebif for his MS and does 3 injections a week.) I told him to keep it clean and use an antibiotic cream on it.

Come to find out, his idea of keeping it clean was to wipe it down with an alcohol prep pad and that was all.

Yesterday he ‘thought maybe the infection was a bit worse’ and should he try doing something else?

Without looking at it, (next time I look) I told him that maybe he needed a trip to the doctor just in case. Good thing I did.

We did a drop in at our Dr.’s emergency center. There, I finally got a look at the ‘infected site’ when the doctor took a look and my response was: “WTF! That’s no little infection you idiot!” No wonder he didn’t ask me to look at it.

He got two, yes, two shots of a hefty antibiotic in his butt, one in each cheek, and a prescription for 10 days of another one.


facepalm mummy

Wanted: one handy person

I often wish I could roll back the years and make a few changes.

I would have made sure all the crap I wanted done in this house was done before MS took its toll on The Curmudgeon. All those promises he made were worth nothing after he retired on disability.

Now I have to find someone who is willing to be a handyperson for us. There’s so much I cannot do and is way beyond what he can do these days.

Problem is, we can’t find a soul to do it.

If only I could find someone to clean the attic that the roofer wrecked and made a total mess of and redo all the insulation there that is falling down from his carelessness. That would be a start.

After which maybe I could begin to get things out of places they shouldn’t be stored and put them in the attic out of the way.

That would mean I’d have room to actually clean and put things away in all the other rooms.

Then there’s all that crap in the basement I need to have cleaned out so we can finally get the guys in to put that new oil tank in before the old one springs a major leak.

The interior painting we need done in every freaking room.

Hardscaping the yard too so the dogs track in less mud and can keep their claws trimmed. Raised beds are easier to weed and plant.

As you can tell it’s a mountain of things to do and only me to do it. That’s why it isn’t getting done. I’m jumping through hoops for The Curmudgeon’s care, running errands, and doing all the other stuff I do. I am far too overwhelmed with keeping up with the cooking and every day housework to do more.


With the way the news is going I think this is what we need today




New doctor. Yeah, I’m nervous.

My printer died. I ordered a new one and it arrived today.

Now I can finally catch up on all the things I need to print out. Like a medication list to take to the doctor I’m meeting with at the end of the month to see if she’s who I want to be my new primary doctor.

It’s a bit scary to be changing doctors after over 30 years with the same one. That’s why I decided to do a basic ‘interview’ appointment before I make a decision. Who knows, I might be seeing several doctors before I find the right one. Although I did a lot of research just to find this one.

I think after my present doctor’s illness and seizures he’s been more interested in The Curmudgeon’s health. Probably because his son also has MS but refuses to take any medications for it. He’s always curious about the medication The Curmudgeon takes.

However, I don’t think it’s good for my health when a few minutes into my appointment he begins to ask me about The Curmudgeon and ignores any questions I have about my health or derails my train of thought so I forget to ask questions. Yep, time for new doctor.

weekend goal

Above the law? Hell no!

So, yesterday in another ‘distract the people’ move #Twitler #TheTwitiot #Whitehouserat #Cheeto bombed Syria without congressional permission.

Folks, there’s a reason why we have certain rules and laws, and when they are ignored there are consequences.

#Theorangetroll thinks he is above the laws and rules that govern our country. Well, he’s not. No matter how much money or power you have you are NOT above the law.

Did his move distract you from all the other crap he’s doing? Of course it did.

Meanwhile instead of being in the Whitehouse situation room keeping an eye on the situation, he’s once again in Mar-a-lago playing golf.

facepalm mummy

A long and tiring day

Yesterday I took The Curmudgeon to get a haircut. He’s been desperate to go. His truck won’t start (thank goodness) so he couldn’t drive himself. He is not allowed to drive my van. Ever.

Brought G along too so she could pick up some stuff she needed.

After G was through in the dollar store and bagel shop, we got The Curmudgeon from the salon and put him in the van to wait while we went into the grocery store.

Once home, after the groceries found their places, dogs kept me hopping until time to cook dinner and feed them rolled around.

Then, I finally had a chance to sit when I ate dinner. A wave of exhaustion hit me. Hard. As soon as the dishes were finished, I sat on the couch with Lucy and promptly fell asleep for an hour.


Join the race…

When are we, the human race, going to stop with the them against us/us against them crap?

Don’t you realize that race, religion, gender, and politics no longer have a place in our world? That all of that only leads to our destruction?

We are of one race, the human race.

Religion? Believe what you want but let the guy/gal next door believe what they want. It’s none of your business.

If you have the audacity to think you are better than any other human being in this world then it’s you that has the problem.

What we ALL need to be concerned about is how our planet will sustain us. How WE can keep our planet clean and healthy.

Greed, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia…none of this has any room in this world.

IF we are to survive, we need to become what we really are, the human race.

Let’s cut through the bullshit

#Twitler #Thewhitehouserat #Twitiot #theorangetroll has The Sierra Club screaming about his “publicity stunt” donation of his first three months of salary to the National Parks Service.

After all, the Twitiot is proposing to rip 2 billion dollars from the Interior Department budget, I really don’t think his measly $78,333.00 check comes close to cutting it folks.

Hell, the man child has 2 billion in his pocket for walking around money. His check amounts to a chump change publicity stunt.

Open your eyes, take a deep breath, and smell the bullshit. My goodness, it’s so deep out there on Capitol Hill we’ll all need hip boots.



We are literally going down the toilet

I understand that yesterday morning news people were remarking on how #Twitler was twittering all sorts of insanity. As if that is something new coming from him. Gee, another day another #Tantrump. I do wish someone would flush his phone and slap him upside the head.

The #Twitiot thinks he can run the presidency like he ran all his business ventures (into the ground) and have no repercussions from it.

This raving lunatic is running our country from a Whitehouse toilet, on a phone that is probably smarter than he is.

And he still has people believing he is the best thing since sliced bread. The Trummings will follow him right off the cliff.

Stand your ground and fight him, he is nothing but a bully and a lunatic.


This non president and congress have a lot to account for…

If ever someone deserved a good old fashioned tarring, feathering, and ridden out of town on a rail, it is #Twitler #notmypresident #whitehouserat #Cheeto and every member of congress who supports the bullshit they are ramming down our throats.

Gentlemen and ladies (and I use the terms loosely), You do not deserve to be in office. You have forgotten that We the People are your bosses. You are not ours.

It’s time you all joined reality. You need your salaries cut to the bone, your special privileges ripped away, and all that gravy scraped off your plates.

Your salary should be no more than the average American earns. You should pay into Social Security like the rest of the people do. Your medical insurance should also be the same as the average American.

You were elected by us to do a job. A job you have failed to do. Instead, you are working for big corporations and any other lobbyist who pays you enough.

This has to stop.

Give us back our clean water and air.

Give us back our public lands and the protection of the animals of our country.

Give us a safe infrastructure.

Stop spending money on wars and destruction and instead, spend it on taking care of the veterans, the poor, the old, sick and hungry.

Give our country back its humanity.

Give our country back its soul.

Stop with the racism, bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia.

Give us our heart.


Almost didn’t post today

After spending an hour and a half loading The Curmudgeon’s pill cases for the month, my eyes are tired, my back is killing me, my neck is stiff, and my head aches.

I do this every month.

Not once have I ever heard a thank you.

When I’d set my Mom’s pills up for her while she visited, she always said thank you to me and hers didn’t take half as long to do. But I only had set up a week at a time for her.

This is what I do for The Curmudgeon.

pill caddy