Ice coating….

So we got some snow, then we had sleet, followed by rain, and then night came with a drop in temperature.


A snow covered yard covered in a layer of ice.

Lucy and I ….well, we are not amused.

Die winter



So Cadet Bone Spurs wants a military parade….

Thank you Senator Tammy Duckworth for coming up with that name, it is great!

The only military parade Cadet Bone Spurs should have is the one taking him to a place of execution for treason.

No, Cadet Bone Spurs. You do not rate a military parade.

don't make me get the voodoo doll

A chicken soup sort of day

No, really. We had chicken soup for dinner and it hit the spot nicely.

I’m talking home made broth thickened so he can eat it, roasted chicken, and nice chunks of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Lots of good veggies, some pasta, and barley.

It helped chase the dampness from our bones.

coffee now

Was there ever such a breed that dug so deep into one’s heart?

I admit it, I am daft about this dog.

Seems I have been daft about each one but there are two that stand out in daftness.

Malcolm and Lucy

No, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl

I read a book.

I listened to the Puppy Bowl, Lucy watched it.

I had a quiet day.

immortal coffee

Got my ears lowered

A couple of weeks ago I got the paperwork to renew my drivers license. I put off going online and paying for it (old one is good until March 19th) because I knew I needed to get a hair cut before I went for a new picture.

Yesterday I made and appointment to get a haircut today.

When I got home, I went online and paid for my new photo drivers license.

I am all set now.

Kermit driveby

Holy wind tunnel batman!

G and I were going to go run some errands. She walked into my house looking like she’d been flash frozen and blown hither and yon.

Icy winds.

Thirty-five mile per hour icy winds and we were going out in them.

If I hadn’t had to make a CVS run for The Curmudgeon, drop off an item at the vets, desperately wanted to go out to lunch, and make a stop at Target, we wouldn’t have gone out of the house.

Tasty lunch of won ton tacos at Applebees.

won ton tacos

More mud…

I had planned to wash the kitchen floor.

Then it rained.

Plans change.

Why mop when she’ll only track in more mud?


I think his bad days are outnumbering the good ones

Today he had a good day. Not great but good.

At least he wasn’t falling down every time he got up.

And he had dinner downstairs.

However, I do think he’s having some problems with his brain. He mumbles a lot and frequently repeats himself.

He acts like an old 80 year-old man most days. I’ve met 80 year old men younger than him.

Jay's shirt

Nope, I didn’t watch it

Since I can’t stand #45 and I find his voice akin to fingernails on a chalkboard. I refused to tune in. Besides, why give him the ratings?

Nope, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy and Baskets.

Guardians of the Galazy

MS really hit hard this day

I thought the day before was bad.


He spent the morning stumbling about, his walker barely of use.

A little after noon he decided to go take a nap and had trouble soon after he made it to the top of the stairs.

At dinner time he told me he couldn’t make it down to eat.

That caused a change in the menu. Much easier for him to eat leftover pizza in bed than a plate of lasagna.

I hope he has a better day tomorrow.lost mind not going to look for it

MS knocks him down

I hear him stumble and fall each night.

My heart goes to my throat and pounds a wild rhythm.

“Are You okay?” Every night I ask him.

“Yeah.” Mumble, mumble, mumble….



Every. Single. Night.

I am tempted to pour me one.