Thunderstorms! Oh my!

So glad I washed Ted night before last. Lucy needed him to be at his best yesterday.

Below is Ted, Lucy’s blanket.


Lucy loves Ted, but Ted was getting awfully stinky. She snuggles Ted, she nibbles on Ted, she rolls up in Ted, she sprawls out on Ted. She drags Ted around the house some days. But on thundery, stormy days she hides in Ted when she’s not hiding in her crate.


Lucy loves her Ted.


Maybe my gardening joy is gone?

It’s not just the back pain preventing it but now it’s too hot to go out and get the much-needed yard work done.

Yesterday I managed to cut down some of the suckers growing from the roots of the sweet gun tree. Some, not all.

I have yet to tackle the mess where the pond once was. If you know of anyone who wants a rather large (triple) Yucca plant send them my way. They can have it if they dig it out.

I’m still trying to move the other plants but have run out of energy and I have no gumption left.

Maybe I need a new line of Tees and not wear my gardening ones.

Today’s Tee


One less expense if…

So I paid our vehicle registrations today.

You can now pay for a two year registration. The cost to register my van for two years cost a mere 12 dollars more than his truck’s registration for one year.

Another reason for him to consider selling the truck.

Other reasons:

  1. He drives the truck maybe once every 4 months or less.
  2. The cost of the insurance
  3. The cost of filling his tank
  4. The cost of inspections
  5. We could rent out his parking spot on the driveway.

Today’s Tee-shirt


Need to find a handyman

What we really need around here is a handyman, not just for my home but for G’s as well.

We find we’re both in the position of needing to have things done around the house that we cannot do these days.

Our ‘oh, I wish someone could do this with skill and at an affordable price’ lists grow longer with each day.

Today’s Tee-shirt


If I had the wherewithal

I’d move to an island far from these shores.

I’d build me a small house on a beach.

I’d offer up my troubles to the sea.

Sending them off on the tides and let my heart be free.

I’d soar on the wind.

I’d dance on the waves.

I sing to the moon and laugh at the sun.

I’d bury myself in the sand.



Results are in!

My polyps  were non cancerous.

I don’t go back for another colonoscopy for 10 years! YAY!!!



Backing away from Facebook

I’ve reached the point of over-saturation. I see far too many tiny-brained comments that make me wonder wtf has happened to our education system.

So many jaw-dropping, moronic opinions thrown out there without a whit of sense about them scares the crap out of me.

We are in danger, as a people, of becoming the worst of humanity because we have forgotten so many important things.

Things like:





Generosity–not just of wealth but of spirit




Service to others



All the goodness that women and men are capable of but have set aside. Stop setting all these things aside and start to embrace them. You’ll find through these actions we can build a better place in this world.

buddha quote


I don’t need another time sucker

I live with a Time sucker. He tends to drain me of most of my time.

I am guilty of allowing a couple of computer based time sucks into my life.

I play two online games, I write this blog, and I’m on Facebook.

No, I don’t need to add more time suckers to my daily life. I have to set a timer to keep me from becoming glued to the ones I do have.

Today’s Tee shirt

sip coffee and pet my dog


So, NPR set the Trumplets off

Hysterically funny.

NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence and proved we have way too many ignorant people out there in this world.

The Trumplets thought it was an anti-Trump campaign. Duh, people, have you not read our nation’s most precious document?

Well, I guess if the shoe fits….


Always had dogs

We’ve always had dogs.

The first dogs I remember are the father and son duo we had in Maryland, big, fluffy collies. Lad and Rex. I remember Rex the most.

Next dogs my family had were poodles. Lots of miniature poodles. This is me with 4 of the puppies my parents bred.

Peg and pups

When I got married, I brought along my Siamese cat. We got a German Shepherd. He lived with us for 7 years then developed a neurological problem and we had to have him PTS.

Then we got our first Bull Terrier. We’ve had Bull terriers for 37 years.




We had BBQ ribs for dinner

Thank you Deckle. Your dry rub recipe is my go to for ribs every time.

The slow cooker, loaded with ribs that were in a dry rub for 24 hours, had us going crazy all day yesterday while they cooked.

By dinnertime we were positively starved.

Tonight we’ll have roasted chicken.

Today’s Tee-shirt

Put my book down

As each day passes…

I am more and more disgusted by #45.

I find I am less tolerate of acts of stupidity by all people.

I keep wishing for a beach house and being able to spend the rest of my life there.

I cannot stand the sound of #45’s voice.

I cannot believe how low people can sink in their depths of depravity, cruelty, and traitorous cowardice.