Before my back gave out…

Before my back gave out, I managed to fill three huge trash cans with vines, tree branches, and weeds.

Our over-grown jungle of a yard doesn’t look like I touched it at all.


Tomorrow begins the first of three days of doctor appointments in a row, two for him one for me.

I predict a few delivery meals this week.

The Curmudgeon is wearing this shirt to his neurologist appointment .

Jay's shirt2

While you go through your day, please pause, take some time, and remember…

Never forget… 9/11




Hurricanes blow…Fires burn

I hope all the people in the paths of these monster hurricanes manage to stay safe.

Please don’t forget our people who are in the firestorms.

We should all prepare to help in any way we can.

Let’s prove to the world that we are not as heartless as #45 and the Republicans.

Give what you can…be it money, supplies, or muscle.



Yummy tomato!


I let the tomato ripen a few more days. Sliced it and served with our 5 Star Home Foods Sole Filets–stuffed with crab meat, scallops, shrimp and lobster.

What a tasty dinner!

The eggplant was delicious


This time I breaded and pan fried the eggplant. Probably my favorite way to make it.

The Curmudgeon likes it best this way too.

Nope, didn’t get a picture of it. Sorry.


So glad I spotted him wandering through the yard long before I took Lucy out.

I’ve grown lax on checking the yard before sending her out.

Usually it’s skunks.

This time it was an opossum.

Yesterday’s harvest

Once upon a time

Is no more.

We used to have each other to hold.

No more.

We danced.

No more.

We enjoyed each other.

No more.

I miss us.

But we are no more.

We live in the same house.

I feel all alone.

Once upon a time this was us:

The need is overwhelming

I need to get writing again. I really do.

I wish I had the heart to do it. The ambition.

I’ve lost the drive.

don't piss off a writer

Humor? I don’t know where it went.

Watching the destruction in Texas and the orange troll making it all about him and his photo ops makes me so dreadfully sad for the state of this country.

Sure there are people helping people but when  congressmen and senators join the idiot in charge in pissing on us all with lousy picks for key positions in the EPA and other agencies I can’t bring myself to be proud of this damned nation.

I can’t find any humor in #45’s idiotic comments these days. All I see there is insanity and the death knell of all we know.

What we need now is:

buddha quote


Fall has arrived

Night time temperatures down to the low fifties.

Having to actually close windows here and there.

Thinking about soups and stews for dinners.

Dreading the piles of leaves to come.

Wishing winter would hold off and be short and mild. Hearing all sorts of forecasts of a nasty winter to come. Not happy.

At least it is good sleeping weather.


Lucky day?

On days like I had yesterday, I say I am lucky.

I did my normal beginning of the day routine and then at two I went for a hair cut. On the way home, I stopped to pick up another prescription for The Curmudgeon.

Once home, I actually got to sit down and read for a half hour before having to cook dinner.

Maybe today could be even luckier?


Sorry Texas…

Sadly, the federal government is preparing to cut money that would help the people of Texas in rebuilding their lives.

Instead, the idiot in chief and his cronies will be stripping FEMA of funds along with wherever else they can pillage to build that stupid wall and give billionaires more tax breaks.

I think it’s time to get a passport update and get out of here.