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Before my back gave out…

Before my back gave out, I managed to fill three huge trash cans with vines, tree branches, and weeds.

Our over-grown jungle of a yard doesn’t look like I touched it at all.


Tomorrow begins the first of three days of doctor appointments in a row, two for him one for me.

I predict a few delivery meals this week.

The Curmudgeon is wearing this shirt to his neurologist appointment .

Jay's shirt2

While you go through your day, please pause, take some time, and remember…

Never forget… 9/11




Now what?!

I almost broke my ankle.

I stepped into a hole in the yard tonight. The hole is deeper than my pruning stick is long. Wonderful.

Fortunately the hole was not big enough to catch my foot bad enough to break anything.

Nevertheless there’s this hole a few feet from my back door that I have no idea how I am going to fill in and make it safe to walk out there.


Wow, that was quick!

I ordered a new weed wacker the day mine died (the 17th) because I was in no shape to go shopping for one at a store. My back is a mess these days.

My new 10 amp electric weed wacker arrived yesterday (the 19th).  The Curmudgeon helped me put it together…he held it while I put the parts on it.

I’ll test drive it later today providing it stays rain free.

new weed wacker