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Oh no, there’s no global warming…

Usually at this time of year I am making a lot of soups, stews, and other tasty cool weather meals.

We’ve had temperatures in the mid 80s the last couple days.

Neither one of us wants those cool weather meals.

Global warming?

What say you?


We’re down to seasonable temperatures

The Curmudgeon is more comfortable and so is Lucy. In fact, she’s downright happy over the cooler weather.

We turned off the AC and it got chilly enough that I had to go around and close the windows.

Today’s Tee

Born in March

More rain…

We had so much rain that when I got dressed in the morning I put on my ‘I am not going anywhere and I don’t care’ yoga pants and a Tee.

I had to take Lucy out between rainstorms.

The basement has water in it once again.


Today’s Tee

world revolves

Freaky weather

Wow, strange weather yesterday. All around us, we saw on TV, that high winds took out trees, some looked twisted, so I’m betting it wasn’t only high winds.

We were lucky we just had monsoon rains and hail the size of golf balls.

Lucy had no desire to go outside in the monsoon no matter how badly she needed to pee. Poor girl held it for hours.

Gavin didn’t care, if he had to go, he went out and went.

The Curmudgeon napped through it all. He sort of looked like Lucy here.

Lucy sleeping

Lucy sleeping

Spared the worst

Wow, we thought we were in for some real nasty weather.

Thunder crashed in the distance. The sky blackened. Wind picked up and made the tree branches dance.

We had a spatter of rain. The clouds moved off. The thunder still rumbled and complained in the distance.

I had to water my tomatoes and other potted plants.

That’s okay. South of us got whipped hard with high winds tearing down trees and heavy rain. We were spared even the cutting of the switch.


Our veggie garden all in pots



If you notice, there are metal screens on top of the soil. We have a horrific overpopulation of hungry squirrels and they were digging holes in the soil.

My recycled aquarium stand potting table works well for me.

You all have a good one!

Wild weather

The sky darkened considerably while I cooked dinner.

Just before I served it up, the sky opened and the air between the clouds and the earth flooded. We couldn’t see across the cemetery.

The street out front was no longer a street but became a raging river. I was on the lookout for white water rafters.

Thunder rattled the windows.

Needless to say neither dog wanted to go out to pee until the rain slowed to a trickle.

I hope you all had a good day.

Lucy is ready for summer!

Momma I need a raincoat!

Raindrops keep falling…

Some much-needed rain is passing through.Thunder is once again softly rumbling all about us. If it gets loud, Lucy gets nervous.

My yard will want mowing rather quickly now. I’m sure the gardens are loving it.

It’s a darned shame my neighbor and I didn’t wait until later today to dig out the plants that we did dig out yesterday. Would’ve been easier with soft, moist ground.

Now I do believe I will settle down on the couch with Lucy and doze to the sound of the rain.

The watering can

Cold, hot, cold, hot, cold …make up your freaking mind!

Cold weather again and will stay so until it jumps back into the 80s on Sunday. Not a good thing. All this up and down is driving everyone crazy.

Your body can’t get get used to the temperatures in preparation for summer’s heat.

The Curmudgeon suffers in the heat so at the first sign of it getting over the 80 degree mark, he turns on the AC.

Therefore I roast all winter and freeze all summer inside where I should be able to be the most comfortable.

three days of spring

It’s melting!

The yard is, once again, almost clear of snow. I hope that is the last we see of it for a long time. I’m one lottery win away from never seeing it again. The last three winters were miserable and this one was the worst of them. Lucy and I are not fond of the cold and we’re hoping we never have to go through another winter like this one. Gavin and The Curmudgeon don’t care about the cold. I’m all about the heat. So looking forward to real spring weather and the summer. Here's to you You all have a good one!

Lovely day

Hurrah, cooler weather! Just what The Curmudgeon needs to feel a bit better after several days of hot and humid misery.

We hit a high of 78 and a low of 63. Perfect.

Although his spinal injury on top of his MS does make walking around difficult, the cool drier air makes a big difference in how he feels in general.

I like that I can wear my overalls in comfort again. I can work in the yard and the mosquitoes can’t get at my skin so easily.

The pups love the cooler weather too. It even makes 12 year-old Gavin perky and energetic.


We start a new week and a new month

     We had a lovely drop in temperature and humidity last night.  Soft cool breezes had me turning off the AC and opening the doors and windows.

     The pup’s newest collars arrived.  I love  Diana makes the best collars!


     I don’t think I’ve ever had more than one collar per dog at a time this is very nice to have several so I can switch them.

     You all have a good one!