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Cya Saturday!

     So, tomorrow night I may not get a chance to post.  (Yes, I do my posts at night…in the wee hours of the morning)  I will be very busy hosting a party and handing out treats to Trick or Treaters.  

     Guaranteed, I’ll be exhausted by the time I get a chance to sit down and post.   Therefore, I will be doing my next post sometime on Saturday.

     In the meantime, you all have a good one! 

     The pictures below are why I do this…

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A very successful Trick or Treat night

glow stick art

glow stick art (Photo credit: Web_Anna)

     G and I knew we’ve had hordes of kids come trick or treating every year.  This year I decided I’d be clever and figure out how many we get in a night.  I bought three hundred glow stick bracelets to hand out with the candy.  The idea was one per child.  Well, by eight o’clock, we’d handed out all 300 and had some disappointed kids who only got candy.  Therefore, the count is ‘over 300.’

     They were coming at us so fast that G had to take over handing out stuff alone while I went crazy snapping and putting together bracelets.  No pictures this year, we didn’t have a chance in hell of taking any.  LOL!  The way the kids went for them we could have had no candy at all and no one would have complained.

     Good idea for next year.

     You all have a good one.

Friday night the trick or treat invasion begins

     If you’re in the neighborhood on Friday night, come look us up.  We’ll be the ones with the music blasting, strobe lights strobing, fog rolling, props a hopping, handing out tons of candy, trick or treat house.

     As usual, after the trick or treaters have finished, we will have our  monster mash.  No party is complete without various Vampyre, Zombie Zin, and Howling Wolves vintages.

     For the second year in a row will also be celebrating neighbor Dominique’s birthday with one of G’s special halloween birthday cakes.

A teensy break for Halloween


     Thursday I will be cooking for the après Trick or Treat/Little D’s birthday party and carving pumpkins with G.  Yes, there will be wine.  Afterwards I intend to relax. 

     Friday is Trick or Treat night.  G and I will spend the afternoon decorating the porch.  From six to eight a horde of costumed kids will arrive for the handing out of the treats.  After eight, we party until (?) or DH has had enough of us, whichever comes first.

     There will be no posts for those days.  Since I usually post in the wee hours there might not be one for Saturday.

     I will most definitely be here on Sunday.  Come back then to see the decoration and party pictures!

She wouldn’t trade birthdays with me


     We invited our new neighbor R and her daughter to come over for the post Trick or Treat night dinner at my house.  When I found out that R’s daughter (little D) had Halloween for her birthday, I offered to trade birthdays with her but she said no.  Darn it. 

     Little D is now excited to be coming over to a party.  Knowing that it is little D’s birthday, G, who normally makes the dessert, is going to make a Halloween themed birthday cake.  We’ve been scouring the net for ideas.  Maybe our trip to Spirit Halloween this Thursday will give us some more ideas or, at the very least, spooky cake decorations. 

     I’ve already wrapped a small gift for our special birthday guest.  Gee, surprising little D is going make our Trick or Treat night party twice as much fun as it usually is. 

     I think I’m almost as excited as little D.

     I was disappointed to find that there aren’t Halloween birthday cards, only plain old Halloween cards.  I’m sure that little D isn’t the only person to have Halloween for their birthday.

16 lbs of candy and a ton of smiles

It was interesting to see which costumes were popular among the Trick or Treaters this year. We had a great many firemen and a few other super heroes among the boys. There were more pirate wenches than there were pirates. The girls that visited brought more variety, dressing as vampires, witches, fairies, fairy princesses, princesses, and the pirate wenches I mentioned before.

We seldom had a lull.  At times, the line of T or T’ers stretched for a block. At other times, they came from two directions. All of the children were polite and said thank you. Wow, was that delightful.

We played music and had plenty of flashing lights, which contributed to several impromptu dance parties in the street. (It’s a good thing we’re on a side street and not a main street.) I even handed candy out to some people who drove by and commented on our display. All the smiles, children’s and adults’ that we saw Friday night were priceless.

This is why I enjoy Trick or Treat night

     These pictures are only a few of the people who came by.  We had so many Trick or Treaters that we finally gave up on taking pictures.  We went through 16 lbs of candy this year.  We all had a blast.

Halloween break 2009

     This is my ‘see you in two days’ post.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be busy getting ready for Friday’s festivities.  I’ll be back on Saturday with pictures of our fun.  I’m hoping to snap plenty of pictures of the little monsters who show up at our porch.  That all depends on fast they come through though.  Last year we had so many large groups arrive, I never got a chance to take pictures of them.

     You try taking pictures when you have to work the fog machine and hand out candy at the same time.   We did have fun though.  Maybe if I beg Dear Hubby enough he’ll be willing to snap a few pictures. 

     Have fun!  Many thanks to you for stopping by.  For those of you who take the time to comment on my posts, I am grateful.

Trick or Treat night is almost here




    I need to buy more candy this week I don’t have near enough for the hordes.  Thursday I’ll make a big pan of lasagna (in my brand new pan gifted to me by a very dear friend.)  Then on Friday night, all I’ll have to do is heat it up after the children have finished.  It saves me time.

     I supply the garlic bread.  G is bringing over a pumpkin swirl cheesecake that is to die for and I have a weakness for cheesecakes.  The pumpkin swirl is one of her best.  I know this because whenever she makes a cheesecake she brings me samples.

     While the lasagna is cooking Thursday night, I might carve a pumpkin or two if I can the size I like.  I haven’t seen many good ones yet.  Most of them are too short, too small, or too thin.  Yes, I’m picky.

     Friday G and I will spend the day decorating the porch—a haunted house theme this year.  We’ll get our exercise going up two flights of stairs to the attic to haul all the decorations down.  It’s going to take several trips.

More Halloween 2009


     A Spirit Halloween store is only two doors down from Borders, and irresistible.  Again today, I wandered into the world of Halloween props, costumes, and fun after meeting with my critiquing group at Borders.  The clerks in SH now recognize and greet me by name—yes, I’ve been in there a few times since they opened. 

     It’s not because I spend large amounts of money in the store (because I don’t) that I made an impression with the clerks, it’s because I joke around with them.  How can I not?  They are an enjoyable group of people.  Today we talked about how to decorate a haunted house, what props I have, what ones would work best, and how they’ve decorated their own homes over the years.

     Most of us are in the same coffin, a lowly zombie’s budget with a regal vampire’s taste.  It’s a good thing we are imaginative and inventive and have a few good props among the cheap ones.  The least expensive but most labor intensive are the carved pumpkins. 

     However, with my tiny porch I’m running out of room for them.  And did I mention the pumpkins were labor intensive?  To carve them the way G and I do it takes hours and several glasses of wine…

Let the Halloween preparations begin…


     “Only you would have a bag full of bloodshot eyeballs and a bubbling, misting cauldron on your kitchen table,” G said as she sat down with her coffee and moved the bag out of her way.

     “It’s only twenty three days until Halloween.  Here, check out this bag of spider rings Elena sent me.”  I handed her said bag to see.

     “Cool.  What are you going to do with them?”

     “Use them for any kids with allergies instead of giving them candy.”

     “I want one for my youngest grandson.  He’ll love it.”

     “You got it.  I’ll set a couple aside for him.  Now, we need to start figuring out the porch decorations.”

     G picked up a pen and began to write on the tablet in front of her.  “Haunted house, right?”

     “Yep.  I need to dig out those old sheets we used to cover the tables we had the props on last year.  We can hang them from the porch ceiling and drape down over the windows.”  I scratched my head.  “Maybe that’ll work.  I’ll see what the Halloween store has to offer on Thursday since I’ll be up near there.”

     “How many pumpkins will we need?” 

     “Um, the question is, how many will we be able to carve?  My hands about fell off last year.”

     “How about we do just one a piece for a change?”  G put two pumpkins on the list.

     “Works for me.  I have a whole bottle of fog juice for the fog machine so we won’t need to get any this year.” 

     “Did you find your Halloween CD?  Remember, last year you had to tear the house apart last minute to find it.”

     “It’s on my desk.”

43 days to Halloween


     I’ve already started to haul a few props down from the attic.  I bought a big rubber owl today.  I needed something to replace my old screeching ravens that fell apart last year.  Dear Hubby and I are going to drive each other silly with the owl.  We keep moving it around on each other.  You never know where the he is going be next.

     I’m still on the hunt for a new costume.  The one I want I tried to order for two frustrating hours online but for some reason it wouldn’t go into my shopping cart.  I’m calling them when I get up and I’ll order it over the phone.  After way too many years of wearing and revamping my old costume, I think I’m due for a change.  I love to dress up to hand out the candy.  Heck, the kids around here expect it now.

     You know you’ve lived in the same old house for too long when people come up to you saying that they love your house, they remember Trick-or-Treating here as kids and now they are bringing their grandkids to you door.  EEKS!