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Stress and heat levels rise… not good for MS

The Curmudgeon is already showing signs of the no medication downhill spiral. His legs are weak. His walking is crap again. I do believe he’ll be back to his walker tomorrow.

Of course his being taken off the medication was bad enough, but now we have the addition of extreme heat to give him a real face plant.

So glad G and I took our young neighbor along with us to our favorite sushi joint. We enjoyed watching him dig in and relish the wonderful items on the menu. It was a bright spot in the day that will have to last me for a while as The Curmudgeon goes into his spiral.

Now I think I’ll kick back and have a tall one of these…


Another setback for The Curmudgeon

So another day where The Curmudgeon’s MS hits us between the eyes with a jolt. He went in for his monthly blood test early in the morning and by afternoon we had a phone call telling him to stop the Tecfidera again.


His hemoglobin and lymphocytes are all screwed up.

Double crap.

The weather is heating up too so he won’t even leave the house later this week.

He did go with Lucy and I to the vet’s office yesterday. He got to see her getting hugs and kisses from the entire staff. They love her at ABE Veterinary Clinic. Unlike her brother Gavin who hates to leave home, Lucy is a social butterfly.


Come on Daddy, let’s play!!!

Beautiful day!

What a day yesterday was. Sunny and gorgeous with a temperature of 70 degrees. I managed to rake up another two trash barrels full of magnolia blossoms.

The Curmudgeon seemed in better spirits could it be the Tecfidera is already helping? I think yes!

Marinated four boneless skinless chicken breasts in McCormick Baja Citrus marinade to grill for dinner. They were delicious.

I cleaned and refilled the bird bath, and did a little cleaning out of the garden areas.

Today I hope to run my weed whacker by the driveway and around the ex-pond area, do a bit of raking, transplanting, and mulching. And then collapsing on the couch with my Kindle and Lucy after dinner…which reminds me, what the heck am I going to make?


Quick note tonight.

The Curmudgeon’s neurologist called him into her office today. He is now back on a lower dose of Tecfidera! Here’s hoping we see improvement again.

I got my flowers planted in the flower boxes on the front porch.

HPIM4613 HPIM4610

The neurologist is pleased.

     Took The Curmudgeon to his Neurologist appointment, the first one since he’s been on the Tecfidera, and she was tickled to see him come into the office with his cane instead of his walker.

     She saw improvement in every test she did on him.  I do believe she’s as excited about the results as we have been.   She does agree with me that he should start working out with the weights on a regular basis to build up his muscle strength.

     He goes back in four months, it would be wonderful to have even more improvement to show her.

     You all have a good one!


Not sure what day of the Tecfidera we’re on…

     Whatever day it is, I have seen much improvement over how The Curmudgeon was on the Avonex.  He’s had the minimum of side effects, just some mild flushing.

     I think the biggest thing for him now is to regain some muscle strength.  Therefore, I won’t help him with the dogs in the morning if I get up early.  He needs to walk around and get his muscles working.

     I notice he’s using his walker less and is back to using his cane more.  😀

     You all have a good one!


It started yesterday

     So we were surprised yesterday when The Curmudgeon’s starter kit showed up for his Tecfidera.  He was told he’d get it Wednesday.

     Therefore, he took his first two doses yesterday.  Now we wait and see how it goes from here. 

Warnings and Precautions

  • Tecfidera reduced blood lymphocyte (white blood cell) counts but no
    significant or severe infections were reported. Liver enzyme tests were
    elevated, but there were no reports of significant liver injury or liver

Possible Side Effects

  • The most common side effects in the clinical trials of Tecfidera were
    flushing (which can create a sensation of heat or itching and a red
    blush on the skin) and gastrointestinal events (such as diarrhea,
    nausea, and upper abdominal pain). The incidence of these events during
    clinical trials was highest in the first month of treatment, decreasing
    thereafter. Taking Tecfidera with food may reduce flushing. Tecfidera
    reduced blood lymphocyte (white blood cell) counts but no significant or
    severe infections were reported.

     So far he’s had the flushing.  We’re hoping that’s all he gets.

     You all have a good one!

Just heard from my dr office.  I will be start...

A new drug for The Curmudgeon

     The Curmudgeon saw his neurologist’s nurse practitioner yesterday.  And, after having a blood test run, it looks as though he’s cleared to start the Tecfidera.

     He’s excited about not having to do injections anymore.  He’s not excited about some of the possible side effects, but is willing to live with them if it helps.

     Wish him luck, he will soon begin this new adventure into the land of weird drugs and MS.

     You all have a good one!



Could a change in medication make a difference? We shall see.

     After having such a bad week last week and a not so bad one this week after not taking his Avonex, The Curmudgeon made an appointment with his neurologist for Monday to discuss stopping the Avonex completely and switching to one of the new drugs, Tecfidera.

     This what Web MD has to say about Tecfidera:

How does Tecfidera work?

It appears to have anti-inflammatory actions and brain-protective actions. The main problem in MS is that immune cells are getting into the brain and the spinal cord and they are attacking the nerves. One of the main ways they cause damage is by inflammation, particularly in relapsing-remitting MS. So Tecfidera does a number of different things to lower inflammation and lower the ability of the immune cells to get in and attack the central nervous system. Additionally, it may protect nerves from damage.

For Tecfidera, the common side effects are abdominal pain, diarrhea, and some bloating. And it causes flushing. You also have to watch the white blood cell count and the liver enzymes.

     The Curmudgeon is hoping he has better results with it than he’s had with the Avonex of late.  Keep your fingers crossed people!

     You all have a good one!

Side view of the brain and spinal cord

Side view of the brain and spinal cord (Photo credit: Wikipedia)