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Common sense, what happened to it?

door, front, downstairs - painted (inside) - I...

     Will someone please tell me what happened to common sense.  Where did it go?

     Yesterday, another energy group sent a passel of minions through our neighborhood to recruit sales.  I hate people coming to our door to try to change our electric service, tell me about their nut of the day religion, and/or sell me stuff I don’t need.

     Anyway, the young man who came to our door and rang the doorbell also opened my storm door.  Immediately, he rankled me by that action, I didn’t even wait for him to open his mouth before I told him we weren’t interested.

     After a few seconds inside I realized I was still very angry at the young man and the reason why hit me like a bolt from the blue.  He had endangered my dogs.  Lucky for him that both were in their crates napping at the time.  Had they been loose when I opened the door, they probably would’ve bolted through the storm door he held open and run him over. 

     I walked back outside hoping to catch him.  I did.  I told him I had some advice for him, and explained how he had endangered himself by opening the outside door.   Glad he didn’t learn that lesson the hard way.

     You all have a good one!