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One shuffle down and more to go


     Friday afternoon I ordered a mattress and box spring from Sleepys.  This was for the bed frame that belonged to DH’s Grandfather that I brought home from the MIL’s house on Wednesday.  The mattress and box spring arrived Saturday at a little after noon.  Wow, that was quick! 

     We hadn’t removed the futon or set the bed frame up yet when they came knocking on our door.  Consequently, before one o’clock I’d notified the neighbor who wanted the futon for his daughter that he’d better come and get it NOW.  We grabbed another neighbor to help him take the futon mattress and frame.

     In the meantime, the new mattress and box frame were standing in the hallway upstairs waiting for the bed frame.  ACK!  DH couldn’t help.  I lugged the bed frame from one room to the other and with a minor struggle—read this as many cusswords went flying when the frame wasn’t cooperating—I finally had it together. 

     The other neighbor (see the second paragraph) returned and put the box spring and mattress in place.  Geez, I do love having brawny guys around that I can beg to help me with heavy things.  Then I remembered I needed to wash sheets for the bed since all the full sized sheets are stored in a bag in the basement.  We now have a lovely old bed with a new mattress and box spring that towers almost thirty inches above the floor.