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So this happened to our day….


He had an appointment with his Neurologist. Before we left the house he seemed weak. I dropped him at the front door and went to park as usual. Come to find out, he fell by the front door and someone helped him up AND helped him go to the neurologist’s office before I got up there.

He was very weak when I got to the office. I converted his walker to transfer chair mode and wheeled him into his appointment when they called his name.

The PA took his vitals and temperature. His temperature was 101.4 and he was getting weaker by the minute.

We all decided that calling an ambulance was probably the best idea.

I drove to the hospital–beating the ambulance there.

His temperature rose to 103.6 in the ambulance.

Several hours later, in the hospital they got his fever down, ran a ton of tests, and could find…nothing.

Yep, there we were again with another fever of unknown origin. He also felt well enough that they sent him home rather than admit him.

(Darn, there went a couple days of vacation for me. 😉 )

So, he’s home.


The Curmudgeon writes

OMG she’d better get better fast!