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Pizza anyone?

     I have decided to add a variety of healthy pizzas to our diet, homemade pizzas.  I have a pizza stone ordered and on its way and have a nice wooden peel picked out for my next order. 

     Why have I decided this?  Well, I’ve acquired several pizza cookbooks for free on my Kindle and thought that over the summer I could use either my oven or my grill to make some tasty pizzas.  I think it’d be interesting to grill them.

     The Curmudgeon loves pizza and this may be a way to get him to eat ‘healthier’ foods where he might actually enjoy them.

     When I was a teen, our family had a killer pizza recipe that is now lost to me.  I’d sure love to find one similar to it among all these recipes.

     You all have a good one.

Pizza on a pizza stone

Pizza on a pizza stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)