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     After me giving The Curmudgeon both barrels on the need to get his muscles working and in better shape, I heard him using the weight machine.

     He was whining the other night about how sore his legs were after a short trip through Home Depot.  Yesterday he did some more whining and I went off on him.

     Even though it killed me to do it, I read him the riot act because all he does is sit in his chair.  If he doesn’t work his muscles they will stop working for him.  He may have MS and his nerves may not be normal but by allowing his muscles to atrophy he is helping this disease beat him.

     I think he finally got it!  Let’s hope he keeps this up and gets his muscles back in working order.

     You all have a good one.


Not as down today, but stayed off the scale too.

     I spent most of today doing some form of exercise, when I wasn’t napping that is.  I had my hand weights close to hand and would do a couple sets with them whenever the mood would strike. 

     As a result, all the free exercise has made my upper arms sore.  Good, because they are flabby.  I have sore biceps, triceps, and with the crunches I put in my stomach muscles are a tad sore.

     Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and if this storm comes through here as mild as forecast for our area, I’ll head over to the gym afterwards.  If it is worse than forecast I’ll come home and do some yoga, weights, and free exercise.

     You all have a good one!


45 minute work out is better than nothing

     Yesterday I worked out on my weights and did some yoga.  I was only able to squeeze in forty-five minutes before The Curmudgeon absolutely HAD to interrupt me. 

     Now you know why the gym membership and the need to go walk at a park when the weather gets nice.  It is not only needed exercise I am getting but it is also much-needed stress relief and me time.

     I am enjoying being able to get into a zone at the gym and know I won’t be interrupted during the time I set for myself.

     Tomorrow we see if I have any first week results to report.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

     You all have a good one.


10 miles on the bike today

     I set my alarm and got up an hour earlier than normal for me.  After two cups of coffee, a light breakfast, and my first round of medications for the day, I took off for the gym.

     I decided on a good place to start, the recumbent bike.  I got comfortable, popped my earphones in, cranked up my music and off I went.  I pedaled, and pedaled, and pedaled some more.  My music had me in a zone.

     One hour later, I’d put in ten miles and burned 260+ calories.  I was not out of breath.  Not a bad start for someone who sits at a desk.  My legs are going to scream at me tomorrow, especially when they find out we’re going back!  😀

     One thing I hope to accomplish by getting back in shape is to get off most of the medications I’m on and the other is regaining the strength to get The Curmudgeon up when he falls..

     You all have a good one!

Walking again was wonderful!

     G and I went for our walk at the Rose Gardens park yesterday.  They’ve put in new exercise stations along the path.  We had great fun trying them out.  Since this was my first walk in the new shoes, we walked half the park only.  There’s no need to begin this walking for better health project with blisters or very sore muscles.

     Weather permitting, we plan to do this at least once a week.  We had fun, we got in our walk, and we did some bonus exercises at the stations.

     Next time we’ll add the south half of the park to our walk.  I’m looking forward to checking out the exercise stations over there.  None of them so far were difficult and all were rather fun.

     You all have a good one!

Back to the cold weather exercise


     It was cold outside today.  It was a good time to get a few things done inside.  I cleared out a lot of the clutter that had developed in the back bedroom, due to laziness on my part, when it came to taking things to the attic.  It’s not an easy staircase to maneuver while carrying things.  Therefore, I tended to drop things in the bedroom while promising myself I’d haul them to the attic later.  

     Now I can get at my exercise equipment again.  With the cold weather coming, it is a good thing.  I can spend a half hour a day on my weights and exercise ball no problem now.  There’s even a nice CD player in there to play some hard rocking exercise music.

     After all, at my age it’s difficult to keep the muffin top and bat wings at bay so proper exercise is important.  Once the cold weather sets in G and I can’t take our weekly one-mile walks, which helped. 

     As I said in another post, I wear flip-flops all the time.  When I went in for a stress test, I wore them and the doctor thought I should change into sneakers.  I told him I would be fine and much to his surprise I was.