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The moth wars

I still battle the moths that invaded my home with things the Curmudgeon brought home from his mother’s house.

This is a battle, that had I seen them early on, I might have won.

Clothing moths are invasive and tiny and not really seen until you have a full scale infestation of them.

I started my battle with sticky, baited with pheromones, traps and caught lots of them. I am allergic to cedar so can’t use that in my closets, I use a mix of rosemary and mint.

Mothballs are out of the question as the chemicals in them are dangerous.

Then a few weeks ago I came across a spray, Maggie’s Farm flying insect spray. It uses natural oils in a water based spray.

It is working.

Today’s Tee

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Cucumber bugs in the melon patch


     It’s time to buy some insecticidal soap.  I found cucumber bugs nibbling on my cantaloupe plants tonight.  However, they are leaving the cucumber plant alone, which makes one wonder why the have the name cucumber bugs.  I’d rather they’d leave my melon plants alone thank you very much.

     Since I didn’t have any insecticidal soap on hand, I picked off the bugs and dropped them into a jar of hot soapy water.  It killed them.  I may have to continue this method for a few days.  Right now, it looks as though there aren’t many in my veggie garden.  I checked the potted veggies too and they seem to have escaped any bug damage. 

     My neighbors must think I’m crazy when they see the light from my flashlight bobbing around the yard at all hours.  Although, if I hadn’t been checking plants at such an odd hour I might never have seen which bugs were snacking on my plants.

     I am pleased to see so many little cucumbers and peppers on the plants.  All the tomato plants have flowers, there are a few little patty pan squash growing, the eggplants have flowers now, and I have a few teensy acorn squash.  Now all I need to see to make my heart go pitty-pat would be some cantaloupes and watermelons starting.