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So sad today

All my writer friends are in Pittsburgh enjoying the Pennwriters conference. I have been unable to attend a conference for a few years now and I truly miss it.

Pennwriters conference was where I could mingle with other writers, attend workshops, and have a wonderful time being with my writing family.

Hell, I even miss the early morning wake up calls complements of Dave, who always took such joy in my “Idon’tdomorningshandmethatcoffee” misery.

I miss the late night conversations in the bar until it closed then in the lobby until we were chased to our rooms.

I miss handing out chocolate to everyone.

BASKETS! I miss donating them and winning them. LOL! They were my fun thing.

Had great fun at the Conference but didn’t get much sleep!

stoogesYes this was me with my friends.  ROFLMAO!

I will write more after I get some sleep. My brain says it either gets a chance to sleep or it will cease to function altogether.

So Long, Fare Well, Auf Weiderschen, Good Bye!

Off to my Conference! I will be back on Monday. Have fun, behave, and be safe.

Dark side

Two days to the Conference…

     Yes, I am counting. I need this working vacation. Two years with no breaks and I am closing in on owning a private room at the funny farm, the loony bin, the booby hatch, the cuckoos nest–whatever you want to call it.

     It’s time to get packing.

     You all have a good one!


And we have a winner!

     I went to the liquor store yesterday and gave the clerks there a great amount of amusement for their afternoon. I explained to one clerk that I was looking for a couple of ‘writerly’ wines to take to my writer’s conference. He quickly got into the spirit of things and gathered a couple of other clerks to the task.

     I gave them two rules. 1. The wines couldn’t be too pricey 2. They had to make me laugh

     I had no idea how many wine names could make me giggle.

     As G and I wandered about the store a voice would pipe up often with the name of a wine. I would reply with a ‘no’ or a ‘hold onto that one.’ Other customers were giving strange looks to the clerks, G, and me but we were having fun.

      In the end I came home with two bottles that to me were the perfect winners.

     Bottle #1 Irony

     Bottle #2 Once Upon a Vine

     Remind me to put a corkscrew on my packing list.


Dietary endeavors *Giggle*

I am starting to have one or two dinners a week meatless. This is strictly for me. I’d have The Curmudgeon do it too but he refuses to.  “No meat? No way!”

I can’t force him to change his diet. I have asked him to, but he won’t do it. I can’t even get him to cut back on his use of salt. Even with proof that less salt is better for him with his MS. At least he’s not fighting me so much on more fish and chicken and less red meats.

I am looking forward to four days of no cooking and no doing dishes. I’ve even been sneaking peaks at the menus of the three restaurants in the hotel. I will be indulging myself shamelessly.

More rain around here is making it impossible to get a few things finished before I leave. I guess the chores can wait until I get home.

If it will stop raining long enough I might get to enjoy my lilacs before they are gone.


Making a list and checking it twice…and other things

     I’m one of those people who will always forget something when packing. Therefore I make a list of what to pack, pack it, and then take the list with me so when I pack to come home I can use my list again. Still, I have been known to forget things.

     Patty seems to be recovering from whatever had her under the weather. She’s back to doing her ‘stick ’em ups’ so I’m thinking we’re good.

     The Curmudgeon’s ribs are still giving him fits but he has about four more weeks or so of misery to go before they heal.

     Gavin and I are hanging in there. We always do.

     I wish a miracle would happen during my conference and my yard would have no pond, be mowed, and ready for a patio or two. Coming home to having the indoor painting done would also be a thrill. Yeah, I know, not going to happen.  However, no one ever said I couldn’t dream.

     You all have a good one!


More PW conference preparations

     Holy cow, if I keep buying more stuff to put in the baskets I’ll have to buy more baskets. I couldn’t help myself we were in this dollar store today and there were all sorts of neat things there.

     I am counting down the days to the conference. I can’t wait to get there and see all my friends I haven’t seen for two years.

     My laptop’s battery isn’t holding a charge well so I have to make sure I carry the power cord with me at all times. I’ve dragged my suitcase down from the attic and have vacuumed it out. Must start writing my check list of ‘things not to forget to pack.’

     Can someone please speed this week up a bit?

     You all have a good one!

HPIM3716Maybe I should pack this?

Getting ready for the PW conference 2014

     I bought two large baskets and a hat box to add to the three smaller baskets I had. I have stacks of books, note paper, pens, pencils, and some toys. Next, I’ll get the chocolate, snacks, wine, and other things to drink. Hey, the bar isn’t inexpensive.

     Before the fifteenth, I need to drag my suitcase down from the attic, pull out the wheeled computer case, and pack. Haircut on the 7th, yay! Can’t wait, my mop is too long and thick, it feels like I’m wearing a heavy wool cap.

      G is going to keep checking on The Curmudgeon along with a few other friends. I hope Gavin and Patty are on their best behavior.

     I am looking forward to a four-day break. Look out, I’m beyond ready!

HPIM3709You is going to leavez us alone wid da old man? If he don’t havez jelly beans, you iz gonna owe us big time!


Missing Pennwriters

     If this were a normal year, I would’ve arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday and be enjoying the company of my many Pennwriters friends at the Pennwriters conference. 

     This is not a normal year.  The Curmudgeon has had seizures and because of that I stayed home this year.  I feared being clear across the state with no one here to check on him.

I got rather snarky with the MS society recently.  I think it’s good I did.  I am beginning to get some help that I wasn’t getting before.  I should have done it sooner.  If I had, I would probably be at the conference enjoying my four-day working vacation.

     To all of you people attending the conference this year.  I desperately wish I was there.  I REALLY NEED A VACATION!!  And most of all, I miss everyone!!!

     You all have a good one!


There will be no 2013 Pennwriters conference for me.

To all my Pennwriters friends… I will not be attending the Pennwriters conference this year.

The Curmudgeon’s tests have shown that he is having some seizure activity and he is not allowed to drive for a while. I do not feel as though I can go that far away from home for that long now.

Just think, I won’t be there to win baskets this year. However, this also means I won’t be there to donate my usual number of them either. I will miss you all very much. Please snag extra handouts, take copious notes, and send me copies!!!

I am crushed, heartbroken, devastated, and I will miss you all very much.

The best part of the Pennwriter conference for me this year?

Having my dear, dear friend Deb show up.  I hadn’t seen her since her horrible auto accident five years ago.  Yes, there were many tears of joy.