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Ring around da rosy….

HPIM4031Da Mumma must hab thought she was playing ring around da rosy yesterday. She falled down hard. Her has skinned knees and big bruises. She won’t let us jump on her lap or walk into her knees likez we always does. Daddy sez she has an emu’s egg on her leggy. I checked but I can’tz finds it. I think he’s funning us. Da Mumma sez she’z glad she didn’t hitted her chin or nose on the concrete. I couldn’t find the hamburgerz she said she had on her hands eeder, now I iz hungreez.


Tooth is going bye bye today

   I’ve had teeth extracted before so I know I’m not going to be feeling wonderful for several days.  Therefore I am taking a slight vacation from posting on my blog.  I’ll be back sometime next week so keep checking back!

     You all have a good one today and for the rest of the week.