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My pond is already shaping up

     Does this mean that I shouldn’t think about filling it in and finding homes for my Koi yet?   I do know that last year I wasn’t able to keep up with the plants we had in there.  The one was over-growing everything both inside and outside the pond.  Do not get lizard tail plants unless you have a lot of room.

     We tore the lizard tail out and pulled the pot it was in out of the pond.  I’m hoping that’s the last I see of that plant.  It was while trimming it back in August when I had my heart attack.

     My Koi look happy and healthy.  The little black one is fast catching up in size to the others.  They are mooching food already the finny pigs.  This mild winter we had has them fully ready for warm weather food. 

     You all have a good one. 

Koi anyone?


     It saddens me, but I think we’ll have to give up the pond.  DH can’t do any of the work and I can’t keep up with what all needs to be done.  It breaks my heart because I love it so much but I need to cut back on some of the heavy work around here.

     We’ll have to empty it and fill it in.  Maybe I’ll put a screeened Gazebo in its place.  It would be a nice place to picnic or read and be protected from the bugs. 

     If you are in Eastern PA and could give some large, friendly Koi a good home , we need to talk.

Even my fish have me trained


     The dogs are spoiled.  I admit it they have us well trained.  DH claims that the Koi have me well trained too.  Can I help it if they love worms and I poke around next to the compost bin to find some so my fish can enjoy a snack?  It’s fun to have my lovely finny pets come to the surface and take the worms from my hand.

     Even our new little guy is getting into the act.  He was brave enough to take a worm from me last night.  Yes, I keep saying he in hopes that this new one is a male since the other six are females.  He still looks tiny next to them but he is growing rapidly.

They MADE me do it


     The expression heard often yesterday by my dear friends was, “Why did I let you drag me here?”   G, her husband, and I went off on a money-spending spree (for me, not for them).  They took me to a bulk goods store they love to go to and I went over board–there was so much there I wanted to bring home.  The spices alone (cheap!) made me go hog-wild.

     If that wasn’t bad enough we then stopped at our favorite garden shop where, once again, I managed to spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave.   As I piled more flowers on my cart, I said once again, “Why did you drag me here?”  As if, I went along with them kicking and screaming.  Yeah, sure I did.  They had to hog tie me to take me along.  Now about that swampland in Florida you wanted….

     Then we went to the pond shop.  (No, no, don’t make me go in there!)  Damn it, he had two black Koi…now he has one and so do I….  I found green frog tadpoles for the pond and yep, brought home a dozen of them.

     Next time they invite me to go along on a jaunt, DH should handcuff me to the desk.

You know it’s COLD outside when…


     The dogs run out do their business and dash back in, in record time. 

     Long icicles hang from everything. 

     The cars are grumpy when you try to start them. 

     The pond heater is working overtime and the Koi are hanging out directly beneath it. 

     You step outside and your breath freezes in mid-air and drops to the ground with a thud.

     You have no desire to go out even when wearing long underwear, layers of clothing, a very warm coat, gloves, and boots.

     Yep, it is that COLD outside.  When the hell is spring going to get here?

I wonder, do Koi get the sniffles?


     It seems that pond heaters, when used hard in very cold weather, have a two-year lifespan.  I have to replace ours this winter.  It isn’t heating well.  Without a heater in the pond, our lovely Koi won’t last through the winter.  I was glad to find them on Amazon and ordered two so I had a spare just in case.

     So far, we’ve been lucky with the old heater managing to limp along.  The pond hasn’t frozen over completely yet.  Sunday we’re supposed to have a day in the fifties with rain.  However, the temperatures will take another dive after that.  I hope the old heater survives until the new ones arrive.

     I also hope the Koi stay healthy in the meantime.

Surprise! A new look.


     I thought it was time for a change.  I hope you like it.  One thing I noticed was the print is larger, which I like.  However,  it is lighter, which I don’t like. 

     I may have to play a little.

     The Blogrolls are now on the bottom of the page along with everything else that isn’t a post.  Not sure if I like that, but we’ll see.

     This is going to take some getting used to.  I hope you all like the changes.  If not, let me know.  I do want your opinions.

Short work on the pond


     I went to backwash the pond filter today.  I turned it off, set the filter to backwash, turned it on and nothing happened.  I mean nothing, zilch, zip, nada.  Crap.  I fiddled with the plug, turned the switch off and on, still nothing.  Double crap.

     I went inside to the basement and checked the circuit breakers.  They were fine.  Triple crap.  Now, I had to drag DH outside.  He’d just gone up for a nap.  DH wasn’t happy.  He fiddled with the plug, had me turn the switch on and off, and then was going to send me to check the breakers.  I told him I’d done that already.

     He knows electrical work but for him to do it, it isn’t easy.  He checked the wire going to the plug and found a short he fixed that.  However, we had to run an extension cord because there is also a short between the outlet by the waterfall and the switch on the side of the shed.

     I love our pond but I have a feeling that if anything happens to the Koi again we will fill it in and turn it into garden.

Not duck as in dodge. I said Ducks.


     One must seek refuge in simple pleasures when the insanity gets too much.  I did that today.  I needed a stress reliever.  Those who know me know I went out into the gardens and worked.  There’s something soothing about digging in the soil and planting things.

     I spent several hours weeding and planting.  I took a break to feed the dogs and cook dinner for DH and me.  Then I went back outside.

     Speedy, one of our Koi had made a few spectacular jumps today celebrating the warmth.  Therefore, at first, I didn’t think much when I heard a loud splash behind me.  I turned to see if she’d jump again.  It wasn’t Speedy this time.

     My pair of mallards had returned.  The female set right to the business of munching algae.  The male played look out for her.  I went inside to tell DH and grab a slice of bread for them.  They looked lovely swimming around in the pond seizing pieces of bread that the Koi didn’t beat them to as it hit the water.

     They stayed two hours.  Then with a slight flapping of wings, they took off over the fence and were soon out of sight.  I hope they come back tomorrow.

Ark too Brutus?


     Gavin and Patty requested the use of a raft to go out today.  It might have worked except they have no thumbs and can’t hold paddles.  We’ve had so much rain that I heard the stock prices on gopher wood jumped through the roof.  I’ve seen pairs of animals strolling past all day.  Ba dum dum.

     The neighbor’s bulldogs Diamond and Brutus ordered snorkel gear although Brutus really wanted a boat.  Cleo, the standard poodle across the street, rented herself out as a squirrel canoe.  The two toy dogs next door stepped off their porch and almost drowned so Gavin lent them the raft.

     The Koi are touring the neighborhood and the bullfrogs are using in the magnolia tree as a diving board.  The daffodils want water wings.  Did I mention that we’ve had a lot of rain?

Warm enough today


     The filters thawed at last.  (Although, which you will see shortly, not without a minor mishap.)  I was able to back wash them and add fresh water to the pond.  The Koi are happy and it was warm enough to have three bullfrogs hanging out in the water this evening.  I do wish this weather would continue, but it’s January and it’ll never happen.

     Early this morning DH managed to catch that I’d left the filter on rinse yesterday instead of remembering to put it back on filter.  (Things like this happen when I try to multitask too much.)  Yesterday the still frozen filters weren’t even trickling so there was no water loss until today when they began to thaw.  Fortunately, DH caught my mistake before the water level went down more than an inch.  However, scrambling to correct that and get the hose in the pond to add water exhausted him.

     The filters are functioning.  The waterfall is falling.  The fountains are working…all is right in the garden.  We’ll wait for spring to find the leaks in the waterfall.  For now all we can do is try to keep everything operating as best as we can.

Cold spell damage repairs on the pond


     That long cold spell we had did some damage to the waterfall and froze the filters solid.  The weather is supposed to be (hopefully) warm enough to thaw things.  It looks as if I have a lot work ahead. 

     The top of the waterfall is a manufactured piece of fiberglass and cement.  I need to locate the leak there and fix it.  The two filters are solid icicles so I have to wait for them to thaw.  At least the fountains are running and the pond didn’t freeze solid.

     I figure, according to the weather reports, that I have three days to get the work done.  Once I get the filters and waterfall working properly it can get cold again. 

     Just in case I can’t get the filters working, if the freezing damaged them, I did look at some new ones online today.  There are ton of them out there and most of the new ones have a built in UV light that is great for killing algae and preventing algae blooms.  We will go for one of the ones with the UV light if we need a new filter.