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You know its time for a yard sale when…


     You begin to ask if anyone is looking for a Shawnee Tom the piper’s son teapot in excellent condition.  How about the flowerpot salt and pepper shakers DH’s mother bought with the teapot way back before she married his dad?  No, those WON’T be in the yard sale.

     Then there’s the darling silk and seed pearl headband hat circa 1950 we found that looks as though it was never worn along with three pair of white gloves all different.  It’s getting interesting because the deeper we dig, the nicer the stuff we find.

     We haven’t even finished clearing the one bedroom yet.  However, It’s the next bedroom that should really be interesting since it’s almost floor to ceiling with ‘stuff’ OMG.

     While doing this project G and I have both vowed to clean out our dressers, attics, and basements.  I do believe we’ll have yard sale signs up this summer.  I guess this is a good thing.