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Sometimes it only takes one little thing…

Yes, one tiny thing can do it.

One thing can send me off in a torrent of tears.

Usually it is a sweet memory of one of our dogs. Nine of them were our family over the years. Number ten, Lucy, is still with us making more memories. We didn’t have kids.

Other times it’s a Mom or Dad memory that chokes my throat and fills my eyes to overflowing. Or Grama shows up in a whiff of good baking.

The most tears fall when it’s a Mary memory. We were the closest two sisters can be.

Kay memories are bittersweet. She died when I was in my teens. At one time we were close but at the end we weren’t.

Betty memories are few and far between because she wasn’t home much after I was old enough to know her. A few tears fall in her memory.

I guess it’s age or maybe my heart is too tender.

Gone but not forgotten

In loving memory

My Dearest Sister,

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. I love you and miss you with all my heart. I still pick up the phone to tell you something… You’re not there.  I miss your smile, your giggle, your humor, your warmth and joy. There are days where my heart breaks all over again knowing you are gone. We held each others deepest darkest secrets buried in our hearts. I still hold yours, who will hold mine?