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It’s chilly outside

    With the temperatures dipping down into the high to mid forties at night, I dragged out my only zippered hoodie to wear to take the dogs out.  Oh my goodness, it is all stretched out, thin, and very dingy looking.  Definitely past time for a new one. 

     Therefore, I went to my favorite t-shirt, sweat-shirt, fun place   and found one I liked.  Of course five minutes after I ordered mine The Curmudgeon wakes up, comes downstairs, sees mine, and asks me to order him one.  Can you tell which shirt is mine and which one is his?  

Thinking Of You Voodoo Doll Zip Hoodie

     I you plan to order something from Cafe Press, contact me beforehand since I have several coupons. 

     You all have a good one!