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Grumble growl

Another bad day here at Casa Doggonedmysteries. The Curmudgeon forgot to take some of his medications the night before and the result was enough weakness that he had to wake me early and spend the rest of the day in bed.

Ah, yes. Waking me early means I get maybe a couple hours of sleep. It means I need to be heavily caffeinated. It means I am a real cranky pants. Not a nice person.

What should’ve taken me a couple of hours to do took me all day because I was playing nurse, and errand boy while trying to rake up the magnolia tree petals. And even though I got up many 30 gallon trash barrels full, after the wind we had later, it looks like I did nothing.

I am so freaking tired!

Happy Beltane all.



Pictures from the garden…soon to be not the garden

Where did it go?

We had some nice days that were all Spring like and wonderful and then *Poof* we’re back to cold and windy crap.

Hey! You Canadians can quit sending those cold fronts our way any time now.

Western PA got snow. We got cold and wind.

Can we please go back to our spring?

My poor tree is bound to get frosted. Again.


I can’t wait for the tomatoes to start coming in.

      Yes, I’m pushing it since I only got them into the pots two days ago.  Speaking of which, I need to go buy two more large pots.  I ran out of room and still have some basil, rosemary, and peppers to plant.

     The Curmudgeon has agreed to go to a store with me today.  I’m not sure if he will actually go in the store or wait in the car but at least he’s going to leave the house.

     The sunflowers and geraniums that I planted in the pots on the front porch yesterday look nice.  I also loaded some Texas Bluebonnet seeds into the pots.  If they grow, I’ll get a nice bit of blue in each planter.

     I’ve dumped the soil I took out of all the pots into the garden by the pond.  The ground there can use some better soil.

     Once I finish the planting, I need to get my car over to the dealer for a recall and her first check up.  She now has a bit over eight hundred miles on her.

     You all have a good one!

Lupinus Texensis

Lupinus Texensis (Photo credit: Jason A. Samfield)

Slowly getting the veggies in the pots

     I wish I’d taken the camera outside with me yesterday, the oriental lilies are beginning to bloom and the bright orange color sets the garden on fire.

     I haven’t finished planting all the veggies and herbs, and I haven’t even started on the flowers for the front porch.  Half of yesterday we had rain and then when we finally had some sun I managed to get some of the plants in pots.  Not all of them as my back began to scream at me to stop.

     I hope that later today I’ll be able to finish more of them.  I don’t think the front porch pots will be done though.

     I also think I am going to have to make a run to a store for another big pot or two.  :\  I’ve got on big pot left on the side of the house to plant and too many plants. 

     You all have a good one!

104_1881     Last year’s lily picture

It is Fenced!!

     Before eight yesterday morning our fence was halfway down.  Before four in the afternoon the new fence was up.  By four-fifteen two dogs had tested their new boundaries and were pleased.

     Gavin promptly lifted his leg on the front corner of the yard and then in the back.  He kicked dirt about with his back feet and claimed the new fence suitable.

     Patty nosed along the entire length of the fence and after being told to get out of the gardens didn’t bother with it again.

HPIM2835 HPIM2836 HPIM2838 HPIM2839 HPIM2840

     You all have a good one!


New fencing

     Although we will have to tighten our belts a lot for the next couple of months to pay for it, we are having the fencing that runs down the alley side of yard replaced.  I need to do this to take some pressure off The Curmudgeon and me.

     This means The Curmudgeon won’t have to walk all over the yard with the dogs when he has them out because with the new fencing he’ll be able to let them run loose.  I can take them outside with me when I’m gardening and they’ll get more exercise.

     The picket fence will now be replaced with  solid fencing.  The dogs can’t get through it, and If I’m lucky, I can take that old fencing and rig something between the two yards.  I figure I can hook the pickets and rails to the chain link and voila, instant privacy fence there since that fence is about half the length of the alley side fence.

     Installation could begin as early as Thursday.

     You all have a good one!


     Bye bye pickets.

Puttered in the garden…

     Yesterday I had a chance to putter about in the garden.  We had sun and it was warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket.  YES! 

     I was working on the pond, back washing the filters, and skimming crud from the river.  The Curmudgeon decided to join me.  He must have felt fairly good because he knelt beside the pond and with much groaning and moaning hauled Pan out and managed to fix the hose.  We now have a working fountain again. 

     I managed to clean the filters and clean out several of my pots.  I would love to have enough nice days to Spring clean all the gardens. 

     Once I get that done, I’ll be able to map out what I’d like to do for hard-scape and raised flower beds.  Keep your fingers crossed that we have several warm and dry days.

     You all have a good one!


My pond is already shaping up

     Does this mean that I shouldn’t think about filling it in and finding homes for my Koi yet?   I do know that last year I wasn’t able to keep up with the plants we had in there.  The one was over-growing everything both inside and outside the pond.  Do not get lizard tail plants unless you have a lot of room.

     We tore the lizard tail out and pulled the pot it was in out of the pond.  I’m hoping that’s the last I see of that plant.  It was while trimming it back in August when I had my heart attack.

     My Koi look happy and healthy.  The little black one is fast catching up in size to the others.  They are mooching food already the finny pigs.  This mild winter we had has them fully ready for warm weather food. 

     You all have a good one. 

Koi anyone?


     It saddens me, but I think we’ll have to give up the pond.  DH can’t do any of the work and I can’t keep up with what all needs to be done.  It breaks my heart because I love it so much but I need to cut back on some of the heavy work around here.

     We’ll have to empty it and fill it in.  Maybe I’ll put a screeened Gazebo in its place.  It would be a nice place to picnic or read and be protected from the bugs. 

     If you are in Eastern PA and could give some large, friendly Koi a good home , we need to talk.

Good news and more


     I’ve already had some inquiries into items we have listed for the house clean out on Craig’s list.  It would be exciting to have many people show up and buy, buy, buy.  We sure do want to have the house empty, empty, empty so the painters can come.

     Yesterday I spent the day attempting to catch up on a few household chores.  DH is happy that he has clean clothes.  The fish are happy now that they’ve had their filters backwashed and fresh water added to the pond.  The pups were thrilled that they had me to tease and harass non-stop all day.

     The gardens are happy since I watered.  I do need to buy some mulch so they don’t dry as fast as they have been.  Once I’m done over at the MIL’s house, I will do that.

I can tell that it is cherry season


     If you look at the picture above, you can’t see it, but off to the left beyond the edge of the picture is a cherry tree.  From the size of it, we believe it to be at least one hundred years old.  The cherries are ripe now. 

     How can I tell without going up to the tree to look at them?  Every single gosh darned bird around has brought cherries to my yard to picnic on them.  I’ve found cherry bits and pits in the waterfall, on the furniture, and in the bird bath.  Need I tell you about the color of the bird poop that’s also everywhere?

     I can’t wait for cherry season to end.  I’m tired of scrubbing the white yard furniture….