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Day one of the diet begins today.

    The first thing I did yesterday when I got out of bed was to weigh myself.  I will do this every Tuesday from now until I hit my goal.  Until I hit my goal, you will not know my beginning weight.  I will, each Tuesday, tell you the amount of loss or gain I have achieved.

     Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to cheer me on.  You can also kick me for not losing if you must. 

     I wish my printer would work with my computer because I would scan and post the picture  of the me that I intend to be again.

     You all have a good one!

My dentist is a pain. (Not really)

     “Just a couple of stings.”  He said as he injected the Novocaine into my mouth.

     “Ow ow ow ow ow.”  I said without much enthusiasm.  I know that good dental hygiene is important for heart health.

     An hour and half later, my roots were planed and teeth were scaled on one side.  I felt nothing.  I have to go back next week to be tortured again and get the other side done.

     I hate when the Novocaine reaches the ‘I’m going to make you itch but you can’t feel anything to make it stop’ cycle begins.  That happened around six last night.  Thankfully, it is soon followed by no itch and normal feeling again. 

     However, there is that pain in the injection sites that is always a drag.  Thank goodness this is only the second time in 7 years I’ve had this done.

   You all have a good one.