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6 days to go!

The foam and spray glue arrived. I can stuff the Audrey 2 hand puppet so it fits on my hand and arm. We begin the big build Sunday with the back drop going up first. Oh joy, I get to climb a ladder all afternoon.

The back drop worked so well last year that I am looking forward to using it for our design this year.




Hehehe… Lucy doesn’t like to be repeated.

HPIM4149This is one of our new toys.

It repeats what you say or, in Lucy’s case, what you bark.

Lucy was not amused.

However, we were quite amused.

Guess what arrived yesterday?

HPIM4145But, but…I want to open it!

HPIM4147Whoo hoo In case we don’t get the big one made, we do have a little one!

HPIM4146Feed me, Seymour!

Yay for Trick or Treat night on Halloween for a change!

G’s new neighbors will be coming over Trick or Treat night and joining in on the fun.

I Invited our other new neighbors to come over for the after trick or treat dinner. They have been fairly warned that last year we had 300 Trick or Treaters show up. Their son is having his second birthday this coming weekend so we’ll add a little something special for him.

How do we top these?


The graveyard birthday cake

The graveyard birthday cake


Spooky food

Now comes the figuring out the menu stage of our trick or treat fun. Our main dish is lasagna, I make a mean one. G is in charge of dessert.

We’re working on some snacks to nibble on during the trick or treat hours before we serve the post trick or treat dinner.

We will have a nice wine and mixed drink bar set up inside for our guests.

Last year, during the trick or treat hours, we drank vodka tonics outside–they glow in the black light, that was fun and we might repeat them this year.

Appetizers and some snacks are all we need to do. I could do a cheese ball mummy or a something.

Any ideas? What is your favorite spooky snack for Halloween?




And so it begins….

HPIM4140We are ready to start building Audrey 2.

Care to join us?

I’m addicted to Halloween Wars.

I admit it, I have even set the DVR to switch over to the show so I don’t miss it. (No, I don’t go so far as to record it.)

I love seeing the creations made of pumpkin carvings, sugar work, cake, and modeling chocolate.

My jealousy of how clever the pumpkin carvers are knows no bounds. 😀


How much fog is too much fog?

Wouldn’t you know it. My new fog machine arrived yesterday and The Curmudgeon decided it was a good time to repair the old one.

**Banging head on the wall**

You couldn’t do that months ago when I asked you to? You waited until I ordered a new one?

Oh well, now I have two.  We’ll fog it up like crazy this year. Is there really such a thing as too much fog on Halloween?


Catch up time.

So I ordered my new vacuum cleaner tonight. I need a new one fast, with two dogs, the hair is rapidly taking over. Thank goodness for brooms.

Once the Shark arrives we’ll see if it is as good as the reviews say. My house is an acid test for any vacuum cleaner. We’ve burned out many of them over the years.

Using my Tens unit spared me a trip to the doctor and physical therapy after my fall. I feel great today.

The 20 feet of garland I bought on sale to make Audrey 2’s tendrils arrived yesterday. This is going to be interesting. After the farmers market today, G and I will begin construction. Anyone wishing to donate super huge fake (silk) leaves to the project is welcome. I need to play around with my airbrush, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.


Yes, it’s true I’ve been working on my Halloween props for months.

We have plans for another single large prop with some smaller effects for the porch this year.  We are working on our design.

We aren’t mechanics so we’re a bit stuck on how to make our prop move. However we are quite resourceful so we’ll see what happens.

Last year’s porch decor…






Wish I had more T or T’ers shots


HPIM3291Loved the light up green eyes and mouth!

HPIM3292I don’t think this little guy was too enamored of the mask though.

HPIM3286Try as I might I couldn’t get a shot of the spider leaping from the books.

HPIM3299Skully Gavin and Batty Patty!

You all have a good one!


HPIM3290Loveliest group of T or Ters we had.

HPIM3298G made minions. 

HPIM3297She said, “They are a pain in the butt to make!”

HPIM3295You all have a good one!

We think we should auction Mr. Needleman to pay for next year’s prop.