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Potted gardens…

I picked two more eggplants yesterday which brings our total to date to four.


Picked two each time and gave G one per picking.

Oven fried last time–spread with Mayo and dipped in seasoned crumbs baked at 350 for 20 minutes.

Any ideas on how to do our second one?

What is your favorite way to cook eggplant? (I have two more small ones still growing.)



Now what?!

I almost broke my ankle.

I stepped into a hole in the yard tonight. The hole is deeper than my pruning stick is long. Wonderful.

Fortunately the hole was not big enough to catch my foot bad enough to break anything.

Nevertheless there’s this hole a few feet from my back door that I have no idea how I am going to fill in and make it safe to walk out there.


Lazy day pictures from my garden

With all the rain, my garden is in dire need of weeding and mulching. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


HPIM4721 HPIM4722 HPIM4723 HPIM4724 HPIM4725

The front porch looks pretty nice too.

HPIM4728 HPIM4727 HPIM4726 HPIM4729

Updates to begin the week

One good thing all the rain we’re having is doing. It is stopping the idiots from setting off fireworks. We can only hope that their enthusiasm for blowing things up wanes and peace continues. If we’re real lucky, all they have left got wet.

Lucy is happy.

Three more days of rain predicted.

Fourth injection of Rebif for The Curmudgeon. He actually drove himself to his pain management appointment. He is still having trouble walking but not as visibly as before. Let’s hope this continues.

The damned squirrels ate all the plum tomatoes and most of the regular ones even with the plants caged in chicken wire. Picture below taken before I put up the chicken wire.


Loooooong day

Had a very busy day. The Curmudgeon fell down at 8:30 a.m. and I had to get someone from next door over to get him up and into his bed. He seemed fine other than a bit of pain in the ribs where he fell on Sunday.

Did some laundry, weed whacked the ex-pond area the yard guys stay away from, and put up the roll-up shades on the front porch.

I had to call for an ambulance for The Curmudgeon. He was having all sorts of trouble breathing. 7 hours later…Turns out the ribs were broken and he managed to puncture a lung, developed a pneumothorax, and got a blood transfusion and was transferred and admitted to St. Luke’s in Bethlehem. There they will put in a chest tube and whatever else they need to do.

I am beyond exhausted.


If my back gets better, my garden should too.

     If you are going to spam me, at least spell the line of crap message you are trying to sell me, correctly.  😀

     We had a gorgeous day today and G and I went to another nursery where we found the composted potting soil I wanted, sunflowers and bright red geraniums for the pots out front and some nice rosemary plants.

    Thank goodness for my neighbor’s kids , they hauled the bags of soil into the yard for me.  My back was not up to lugging six forty pound bags around.

     My back didn’t allow me to plant much yesterday but there’s always today.

     You all have a good one!





An odd weather day


     It rained all around us yesterday but not a single raindrop fell in our neighborhood.  I had to water the vegetables.

     I harvested six large cucumbers and a jalepeno pepper.  There’s another variety of hot pepper out there that has one almost ready to pick.  I wish the tomatoes were ready, but they’ll be a while yet. 

     Two of the five eggplants have blossoms.  I look forward to them since this time I bought different several varieties.

     I hope you all have a good day!


A little rain for the gardens


     It rained last night so I went outside afterwards to check the gardens.  We could’ve used more.  I’ll probably have to water again today.  We have several small cucumbers and eight tiny tomatoes.  Now if only the eggplants would begin to produce.

     While I was out there, I managed to startle one of new frogs.  He was out of the pond and hunting near our shed.  These frogs are as quick on land as they are in the water.  There’s plenty of good cover by the shed and he took advantage of it.  He was gone in a flash. 

     I do need to take the camera out and get some garden shots.  I’ve neglected taking pictures so far this year and missed the Iris and lily blooms.  Now the new day lilies are in bloom, the tomato plants cucumbers, and eggplants are growing quite large.

Another peek into my garden


     It’s amazing how a dozen tadpoles can so cleverly disappear into the pond.  They hide so well it’s a rare thing for us to spot one.  I did spy one hiding in the river tonight.  I can’t wait for them to become frogs.  It’ll be a real treat to have green frogs living here instead of the bullfrogs we’ve had so often.

     G has a bullfrog in her pond.  He’s been there several years, probably because he’s not as dumb as ours were.  Ours went walk about and several were run over by cars in the alley between our house and the cemetery hunting grounds.  Hers stays in their yard, catches starlings, and completely grosses her out by leaving the dead birds floating in the pond.  He seems to enjoy the EEK factor with her.

     Our new Koi seems to be settling in well.  It’s going to take some time before he is as big as the six girls he swims with now.  I keep saying he because I am desperately hoping this one is a male.

     I still have a bunch of plants to get into the ground even though I have planted some every day so far.

They MADE me do it


     The expression heard often yesterday by my dear friends was, “Why did I let you drag me here?”   G, her husband, and I went off on a money-spending spree (for me, not for them).  They took me to a bulk goods store they love to go to and I went over board–there was so much there I wanted to bring home.  The spices alone (cheap!) made me go hog-wild.

     If that wasn’t bad enough we then stopped at our favorite garden shop where, once again, I managed to spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave.   As I piled more flowers on my cart, I said once again, “Why did you drag me here?”  As if, I went along with them kicking and screaming.  Yeah, sure I did.  They had to hog tie me to take me along.  Now about that swampland in Florida you wanted….

     Then we went to the pond shop.  (No, no, don’t make me go in there!)  Damn it, he had two black Koi…now he has one and so do I….  I found green frog tadpoles for the pond and yep, brought home a dozen of them.

     Next time they invite me to go along on a jaunt, DH should handcuff me to the desk.

Garden news


     I wish it would get dry enough that I could go out and enjoy my garden.  Many of my iris plants are in bloom and I’m missing them with all the rain keeping me indoors.

     Imagine my surprise today when I went to the basement to do wash and found the cannas I had down there had sprouts and leaves.  Some of the leaves were quite tall already.  The black elephant ears I had down there didn’t look great and only one has a sprout.  I hope they made it but I won’t know until after I get them planted.

     All of the columbine are blooming, as are some of my new perennials I put in last year.  Those didn’t bloom last year so it’s nice to see them showing off for me now.

     I spent about an hour early this evening yanking weeds out from alongside the driveway where they were determined to choke out the iris I have growing there.  With the wet ground, the pulling was easy.  I now have happy iris.

Too many Cannas?


     Is there such a thing as too many cannas?  I managed to dig out and bring in the cannas and black elephant ears yesterday.  It’s a good thing I did since we hit freezing temperatures during the night.  The day was a mild mid-fifty degrees.

     I was amazed at the size and number of cannas when I dug them out.  While I was working on the last bunch in the yard, S walked by with her basset hound Cosby, and I offered to give her some.  I have more than enough for the garden next year.  I gave her a plastic grocery bag full. 

     It took me three trips to the basement to get all the elephant ears and cannas down there.  I store them in a dark, cool, and moist area.

     I did set some of both plants aside for AJ.  I’ll give them to her when she comes to take care of the leaves.  She’ll also get some lily pads and the lizard tail for her pond.

     My van had its second flat tire for the week—same tire.  I won’t ask ‘what next?’ because when I do there’s always something that will raise its ugly head.