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Redeep, redeep, croooooaaaak!

     The heat we had not only kept us inside in the AC but it silenced my frogs.  Yesterday we had cooler weather and singing frogs.

     The Curmudgeon remarked that we have at least one very loud frog out in the pond.  He hadn’t heard them yet so the volume of the frog’s song startled him.  (Wish I’d seen that.)

     While I was out making an inroad into the overgrowth of weeds around the pond, one frog decided to serenade me.  Later another one sang me his song.  Both voices are distinctly different.



Goliath has returned!

     I am enjoying the new look on my blog.  Several people have told me that they like it too. 

     I have two frogs in my pond.  Yes, the pond is still there since we haven’t a clue as to how we’re going to fill it in yet. 

     I was outside talking to my next door neighbor when he told me he heard my frog earlier.  I told him I accidentally discovered that I have two frogs. 

     I thought we only had the one until I was pulling aggressively growing mint from the little river between the waterfall and the pond.  I startled a familiar looking large bullfrog, and he was not the one I knew we had who  I could see sitting on a nearby rock.

     I am enjoying the frog songs.

     You all have a good one!

Goliath the bullfrog

Goliath the bullfrog

A little rain for the gardens


     It rained last night so I went outside afterwards to check the gardens.  We could’ve used more.  I’ll probably have to water again today.  We have several small cucumbers and eight tiny tomatoes.  Now if only the eggplants would begin to produce.

     While I was out there, I managed to startle one of new frogs.  He was out of the pond and hunting near our shed.  These frogs are as quick on land as they are in the water.  There’s plenty of good cover by the shed and he took advantage of it.  He was gone in a flash. 

     I do need to take the camera out and get some garden shots.  I’ve neglected taking pictures so far this year and missed the Iris and lily blooms.  Now the new day lilies are in bloom, the tomato plants cucumbers, and eggplants are growing quite large.

Another peek into my garden


     It’s amazing how a dozen tadpoles can so cleverly disappear into the pond.  They hide so well it’s a rare thing for us to spot one.  I did spy one hiding in the river tonight.  I can’t wait for them to become frogs.  It’ll be a real treat to have green frogs living here instead of the bullfrogs we’ve had so often.

     G has a bullfrog in her pond.  He’s been there several years, probably because he’s not as dumb as ours were.  Ours went walk about and several were run over by cars in the alley between our house and the cemetery hunting grounds.  Hers stays in their yard, catches starlings, and completely grosses her out by leaving the dead birds floating in the pond.  He seems to enjoy the EEK factor with her.

     Our new Koi seems to be settling in well.  It’s going to take some time before he is as big as the six girls he swims with now.  I keep saying he because I am desperately hoping this one is a male.

     I still have a bunch of plants to get into the ground even though I have planted some every day so far.