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Sneakers…oh dear..


     I need to buy some cross trainer sneakers, mine are completely worn out.  I have fairly new walking sneakers, the ones that are supposed to exercise you more than regular sneakers.  They are clumsy looking and not great for use in the gym.

     I like how comfortable all my Avias have been, but are there better fitting, more reasonably priced cross trainers out there?  Do I want gels?  I do like the wild color combinations as long as I can use my skully laces with them.

     I am suffering from sticker shock as I shop around.  OMG!  I can’t believe how pricey some of them are! 

     I shall continue to shop around until I find my ideal pair of sneakers.  I have seen a few that have blown me away.  I really liked the hot orange and black ones…

     You all have a good one!



Not as down today, but stayed off the scale too.

     I spent most of today doing some form of exercise, when I wasn’t napping that is.  I had my hand weights close to hand and would do a couple sets with them whenever the mood would strike. 

     As a result, all the free exercise has made my upper arms sore.  Good, because they are flabby.  I have sore biceps, triceps, and with the crunches I put in my stomach muscles are a tad sore.

     Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and if this storm comes through here as mild as forecast for our area, I’ll head over to the gym afterwards.  If it is worse than forecast I’ll come home and do some yoga, weights, and free exercise.

     You all have a good one!


Skinny here I come!

     I dragged out some of my very skinny me pictures and have them placed in strategic areas about the house.  They are to remind me of my goal.  My goal is to get back down to that weight.

     Next step is to get more exercise, that begins on Wednesday when I join the gym.  Any of my friends that wish to join me are welcome to but please do not sabotage me.  I am doing this for me, for my heart, for my health, and for my aching knees.

     Wish me luck!  I have failed on this a lot lately due to the tremendous stress here, laziness, and stress eating.  I must get this under control.

     You all have a good one!