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I’m addicted to Halloween Wars.

I admit it, I have even set the DVR to switch over to the show so I don’t miss it. (No, I don’t go so far as to record it.)

I love seeing the creations made of pumpkin carvings, sugar work, cake, and modeling chocolate.

My jealousy of how clever the pumpkin carvers are knows no bounds. 😀



New season of Face Off has begun

I am very happy to have something to watch that keeps my attention. I always envied make up artists their talents. I have no talent in that area of art what-so-ever. I never could sculpt anything that looked like more than a lump of clay.

It looks as though we’re in for an enjoyable season again.

Face Off, a new season.

     I shouldn’t have been surprised that Face Off immediately addicted me the first season.  I love watching the creation of creatures and characters.

      Last night a new season began and thanks to the DVR and being able to set a reminder and have it even switch to the channel I didn’t miss it.

     Looking forward to the next episodes.


Happy Birthday Curmudgeon!!!

Lately I’ve been watching the strangest TV shows

     One of my favorites is Dr. Pol.  Watching a vet make farm calls and take care of small animals.  I worked for vet for a while.  The clinic was only for small animals, I think a clinic like Dr. Pol’s presents more challenges for sure.  I love National Geo Wild channel.

     I also enjoy watching the Science channel.  Morgan Freeman narrating anything is great.

      I’ve also discovered that I don’t care for a lot of shows on a lot of channels.  That’s to be expected, I’m not a TV nut like The Curmudgeon.

     You all have a good one!

I'd rather be gardening

I’d rather be gardening

Face Off on Syfy

     Face Off, do you watch it?  I’ve been watching since the first one because I love Hollywood make up and props.  They’ve had some great artists go through.  The previews for this season seemed to promise even better.

     I have to say that this bunch has me very disappointed.  So far, only two out of the entire group have shown any promise.  Color me blue.  I am sad.  I hoped this season they’d really knock my socks off, but so far, they have all disappointed me.

     If you watch the show, please tell me what you think.  Are you disappointed with this group too?

     You all have a good one!

Gavin, Lee Lofland, Castle, and more


     Gavin’s face look less swollen today and he actually stole a Nylabone from Patty to chew on it for a bit.  She was very sweet and let him take it.  I think she’s as glad as we are that he’s feeling better.

     I adore Lee Lofland’s site, The Graveyard Shift.  Heck, I adore Lee.  I met him at a Pennwriters conference.  Last TV season Lee ran a critique of Castle every week—one of my favorite new shows.  He’s started doing a critique of it again this season.  I enjoy his insights and those of the others who comment there.  Having a retired cop in the house, I see (or have them pointed out to me) most of the blips in the crime shows.

     I’ve begun the fall cleaning cycle in my house.  I tackled my desk yesterday and cleared it of an over abundance of crap paper work, magazines, and reference books that I put back in their proper places in the bookcase.  I then dusted and cleaned the entire desk.  Wow, I can see under my monitor now and the glass desk top gleams.  Tomorrow I’ll work on the rest of the living room.