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Friday Photos

Web crawlers



     She guards the tomatoes.  Every evening she labors.  She weaves, waits, and weaves some more.  It is miles of silk to her.  Impressive to us.  Five feet across and tall, and begins three feet above the ground.  A perfect circle.  In the morning, it’s gone.  She never leaves a strand of silk to warn others of her lair.

     She’s one of many who live in the garden.  One of many different species who weave their webs each day or night.  She’s the largest. 

     We have water spiders who weave their webs over the pond.  Their oddly shaped webs are as strange as the spiders who weave them.  They are delicate and difficult to photograph.

     Spiders, if they stay in the gardens, I’m fine with them, but come into my house and well…

A rare treat


     I wandered out to the garden this afternoon to take a break from writing and I was glad I did.  I got one heck of a photo op.  There, directly behind my yard, up on a telephone wire, sat a red-tailed hawk.  I dashed inside for my camera praying that no one scared him off while I was inside. 

     I snapped a few shots from the yard.  Several people walked under him never seeing this magnificent bird.  Many city people are not observant of nature.  Since he hadn’t moved, I unlocked my gate and walked down to where I was almost directly beneath him.  He practically posed for the pictures.

     When I got the shots I wanted, I ran to G’s house and told her husband to grab his camera there was a fantastic hawk photo op if he hurried.  He did and he got some great shots too. 

     Every year for at least the last twenty years we’ve had a pair of red-tail hawks nesting in the ancient and very tall horse chestnut trees in the cemetery.  Getting pictures of them is a rare treat since they usually stay hidden because the crows tend to mob them.

Dogs and cameras


     Did you ever sit there and think; “Now there are several minutes of my life that I won’t get back” I did tonight.  I wanted to put up a new picture of Patty but she wasn’t cooperating.  One of her best tricks is ‘stick ‘em up’ I wanted a shot of that.  Twenty minutes later and I still didn’t have a picture. 

     Did you know that it is impossible to take a picture and work a dog at the same time?  You also need to be quick on the button to catch the dog doing the trick.  I wasn’t.  Butt shots as she walked out of the picture didn’t work.

     Tomorrow, I’ll ask DH to have her do the trick while I attempt to snap a good picture.  I’m certain Patty will do better when she has her Daddy asking her to do her trick.  She’ll do anything for him.

     The next problem will be to keep Gavin from trying to hog the shutter time.  He likes the camera.  He never enjoyed the show ring but he certainly enjoys getting his picture taken.  I can’t pick it up without having him try to get my attention.  “Look at me, I’ll give my paw.”

Is there a decent program for my needs?


     I just spent way too many hours trying to put together a photo slide show of my cousin’s wedding.  Only to find that the program I have on my computer won’t burn the slide show onto a DVD. 

     If I want to do that, I have to buy the program–well gee whiz, Batman, I thought I did when it was installed in my computer.  Yep, it pays to read the fine print. 

     So, here’s what I’m looking for: a program that makes it easy for me to turn digital photos into a slide show and will burn them onto a DVD.  I’d also like to be able to add music to the slide show too.

     Any ideas people?  Do you know of a suitable program?