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Not a great start…

Went grocery shopping and, although I had pared my list down, all that good for me food my weight doctor wants me to use cost us three times as much. I swear I walked over 5 miles while shopping, having to hunt things down.

Is there any wonder there’s an obesity epidemic in the US?

Now with certain Governors dropping their state’s minimum wages to below poverty level, I’m sure we’ll see even more.

The Republican Congress and Senate wants to kill off as many of us as they can any way they can.

Then there’s that orange idiot in charge who, in actuality, hates all people and hates you even more if you aren’t lily white. His only love is of himself.

And all of them are telling us we need to:

suck it up buttercup

Walking again was wonderful!

     G and I went for our walk at the Rose Gardens park yesterday.  They’ve put in new exercise stations along the path.  We had great fun trying them out.  Since this was my first walk in the new shoes, we walked half the park only.  There’s no need to begin this walking for better health project with blisters or very sore muscles.

     Weather permitting, we plan to do this at least once a week.  We had fun, we got in our walk, and we did some bonus exercises at the stations.

     Next time we’ll add the south half of the park to our walk.  I’m looking forward to checking out the exercise stations over there.  None of them so far were difficult and all were rather fun.

     You all have a good one!

You will lose pounds and inches in just…


     Yeah, yeah we’ve all watched those advertisements.  If I bought every miracle weight reducing, body trimming, tummy-tightening machine that came down the pike my house would explode.  Then there are all those miracle weight loss pills, yeah I’d rather toss my money down the toilet it’s just as effective.

     What works is less food and more movement.  I can tell, now that I’m outside more and working in the garden again, my jeans are starting to fall down.  Where did I put that belt?   Sweat equity melts off the winter weight.

     G and I are starting to do our twice-weekly mile long walks.  The pups love that I’m taking them for an evening walk weather permitting.  I walk them separately so that means I go twice as far as they do. 

     Warm weather meals are lighter and contain more fresh veggies and fruit than my winter meals.  The last two days I had the grill up and running again so that means less fat too. 

     DH, otherwise known as Mr. Fluffy since I had to pick him up from the floor last week, will drop a few pounds too.