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Too bad we didn’t get things done before his MS got so bad.

     I feel bad for The Curmudgeon on the days where I wish a project could be done around here, when he says he can do it, and I know he can’t.  I know I shouldn’t but I tell him all the ways he can’t do it. 

     Afterwards I know I should kick myself for doing it, but I KNOW how much he can and cannot do. 

     There is no way he can put up drywall in the kitchen, new lighting, and (fake) tin ceiling.  I’d kill to get it done.  I have a lovely floor in there and the rest of the kitchen, other than the cabinets, looks a wreck.

     The master bedroom still needs drywall on walls and ceiling too.  Never going to get done, I need to resign myself to that fact.

     It is depressing to say the least…However, I will do what I can do and to heck with what I can’t.

     You all have a good one.

English: Drywall Self-owned, released to PDI wish my kitchen looked like this, mine  has paneling and it sucks.  If I could get the kitchen and bedroom this far, I can paint!!!


One home repair off OUR list


     Our house looks strange.  It has no chimney.  Our friendly neighborhood roofer D removed the old crumbly one and will soon be in the process of installing a new one.  I had visions of the old chimney crashing down on my van.  D is in a slow period so we thought why not have it fixed now.  There goes the savings account again.

     You couldn’t get me up on our roof for any amount of money.  Heck, I don’t like to climb a six-foot ladder.  D leans way over the edge to reach the loads of bricks his helper sends up.

     I couldn’t watch.  I had to go inside and cringe.

     He’s going to work on the MIL’s roof next.  I hope he’s gentle on us and doesn’t charge a fortune for it.

After the storm


     With very strong winds gusting and pushing the rain from the south, our roof leaked again.  This only happens when conditions are right and conditions were perfect.  I cussed the weather and roof and set out the usual buckets.  If we could afford it, I’d have that entire roof torn off and redone so it never leaks again.

     Since we often have a problem with the power going out in fractious weather, I cooked the bacon for our BLTs early in the afternoon.  This time our power stayed on much to our surprise.  I told DH it was because for once I was prepared for the worst.  I guarantee had I not cooked the bacon for our dinner the power would’ve gone out.  I will keep that in mind for future storms.

     I see we have some small tree branches down and there are a few plants in the garden that look like an elephant stepped on them.  Today is still gray so I’ll wait for clear skies before I go out and clean up the mess.  In the meantime, I have buckets to empty, walls to scrub, and more cussing to do.