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Better day

After taking a day low and slow I feel oh so much better.

The *cleansing effect* of the medication they give you before a colonoscopy is miserable but necessary. It is also exhausting.

I have a clean bill of health so far. 2 weeks until lab results are back but the doctor is confident all is well. Now I have 5 years before I have to go through that again.

They all liked my T-shirt.

well red

Best friends

My best friend scared me the other day.

I was outside lending an air pump to a neighbor when her eldest son hailed me.

As I walked over to him, he told me she was in the hospital!

I screeched “What?!”

He explained what happened. Tachycardia. Well, she’s had that before.

The next thing he said cracked me up.

He told me, “She said, darn, I didn’t beat my record.”

Her record is 222 beats a minute. This time she only hit 200.

I talked to her on the phone, she said she call me when I could come get her–they were planning to release her the same day.

However, I got antsy. I called her back and told her I was coming out and would sit with her until they sent her home.

And I did.

Priceless (2)

Best ending to any day…


They called it *Dark side of the Moon* it is dark, smooth, dreamy creamy, and oh so so chocolaty! Rich dark chocolate deliciousness.

G bought it for me at the farmers market yesterday.

She’d promised me one a month before my birthday but had knee surgery when the time rolled around. She was laid up on my birthday, in the hospital recovering from her surgery.

You need to know. This only about the third or fourth birthday cake I’ve had in the last 43 years. She knew this and that’s why, even late, it was a big deal for me.

Yummiest chocolate cake ever!

Thank you Chuck!


     I have to thank Chuck for coming over and getting the furnace at the MIL’s house to run properly.   The man is one hell of a great friend!  I was afraid we were going to have to call someone in and pay through the nose to have it done.

     In spite of disabling pain from breaking his back–not once but twice, Chuck came down, found the problem, and corrected it.  Thereby saving us a bundle.  (Take a bow Chuck, you earned it!)

She’s worth more than a sister or two to me


     Someone mistook G and me for sisters again the other day.  It set the two of us off into the giggles.  Actually, I’ve been around her more years than I was my sisters.  We’ve been neighbors and friends for thirty-seven years.  Therefore, when you figure I only lived with my sisters for about nineteen years, then yeah we’re closer than most sisters are by far.

     She never met my father but when my father died, she sympathized.  When my sister died, she grieved with me, she knew my sister well.  When my Mother died, G and I shed tears together because my mother treated her like a daughter when she visited us in the summers past. 

     We’ve borrowed sugar and stuff from each other forever.  We’ve shared many hobbies over the years.  We trade plants and garden harvests.  We’ve laughed over many a cup of coffee. 

     I watched her sons grow from toddlers to men.  I sat with her in the hospital when she had surgeries.  I stayed with her, worried, and held her hand when her husband had a heart attack a few years ago.  DH and I celebrated her hubby’s recovery with her. 

     Not a week goes by without us checking in on each other at least twice during the week.  If I haven’t seen her all weekend, I know she’ll pop by on Monday.