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Clutter, chaos, treasures, and weight loss


     Here I am exhausted after another day of digging through the clutter and chaos that is my MIL’s house.  We found three huge lard cans filled with old china.  I was able to identify the one set as Mojen MJN4.  The twenty-two karat gold rim on each item is exquisite.  I have no room to store it.  Therefore, with the china and few other pieces I am building quite a vanload of items to take to the nearest antique shop.

     I’ll have to examine the other set closer to find the identifiers.  It was sheer luck that I remembered the first one’s manufacturer and was able to look it up when I got home.

     G is finding that our work over at the house has provided another advantage.  She lost a pound from all the work we did on Wednesday and is hoping that today’s work has the same results.