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Too many books?

It has always been my belief that no one can ever have too many books.  However, my Kindle, at times, begs to differ.

Once I hit 500 books, my Kindle started to behave a bit off kilter at times.  Therefore, I think my Kindle may think I have too many books.

I plan to get another, newer, better, back-lit Kindle.  I’ll keep my cook books and research books on this one and use my new one for my ‘reading’ books.

Works for me.

You all have a good one!


Love my Kindle on days like this…

     I drove The Curmudgeon to his EEG appointment.  They asked that we show up a half hour early.  We did.   I dropped him at the door with his rollator and went to park the van.

     When I got up to the appointment, they already had him back answering questions, handing them insurance cards, and filling out paperwork.

     We were sent back out to the waiting room.  With this being flu season I was happy there were no other people sitting out there.  I refuse to touch magazines in doctor’s offices.  Talk about germ factories.

     My kindle has 355 books and 9 games in it.  It fits in my little purse.  The Curmudgeon will play the games with me and I am the only one who touches it.

     Once they called him back for his EEG I sat back and read.  Before I knew it they were bringing him out.

     You all have a good one!

Neat exercise apps on the Kindle


     I’ve downloaded two 99-cent exercise apps.  One is a yoga program that times each pose for you and the other one is an Ab strengthening app.  This should be interesting.

     I hope to start my day with a couple of routines.  It’ll be nice to get back into the swing of regular exercise.  I’ve been too stressed and too tired even to think about it lately.  I have missed going to yoga classes with G but the price went up too high for us to go.

     Now that things are moving along on the house, I imagine I’ll be able to take the time out for me and do the work.  I’ll also be able to hit the weights again, something I’ve not done in a while.

At first it was a quiet afternoon


     DH and I spent yesterday recharging our batteries.  We were both tired.  He had a good nap in the afternoon while I curled up in my chair with my Kindle and read a couple Wizard of Oz books.  I have 15 of them on the Kindle. 

     Patty snoozed on the couch and Gavin snored in his chair.  All was quiet and blissful until around four when Gavin’s belly alarm began to go off.  He got up, wanted out, and then Patty did the same thing.  I wasn’t allowed to settle back into the chair.  Gavin stood in the kitchen, stared at the counter, and barked.

     “It’s not time yet!”  I picked up my Kindle.

     Gavin barked again.

     I put my Kindle down.  “Quiet or you’ll wake your Daddy.”  I chased him out of the kitchen and put the gate across the doorway.

     Patty decided it was time to bug Gavin.  She grabbed his collar and began to drag him across the room.  He freed himself and jumped on her.  She escaped his clutches and leaped to the couch where she proceeded to do a bully run from one end to the other.  The house rattled.

     I heard movement upstairs.  “Alright you two now you’ve done it.  Daddy’s up.”

What I’m reading now


     I recently bought a two-volume book for my Kindle and in doing so discovered a new author I like.  He is J. R. Rain and the books are Moon Dance and Vampire Moon.  He’s cleverly mixed the vampire craze with a PI mystery.  Check him out at

     I’m also re-reading a few classics.  I just finished the Iliad and I’m currently reading the Odyssey.  I’ll be downloading more classics in the near future. 

Point of view, what is your preference?


     I find I tend to write in first person.  I also prefer to read books written in first person.  Books written in first person tend to draw me in faster and keep my attention longer.  They are difficult to put down because I become part of the story.

     One of the free books I downloaded to my Kindle is in third person.  It’s a fantasy and I hate to say it…but it doesn’t hold my attention.  The book is easy to put down and walk away from it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful books written in third person however, this fantasy isn’t one of them.  I guess it goes to show you that if you want to read a good book you have to pay for it.

     Now dear readers it’s your turn.  Which viewpoint do you prefer?  In what viewpoint was the worst book you ever read written?  The best? 

Getting used to my Kindle


     I find my Kindle 3G easy to hold.  It only weighs .2 ounces more than the cheaper Kindle and is as thin as a pencil.  With the connectivity of the 3G and Wi-Fi, books download in mere seconds—amazing.  So far, I’m sticking to free books because our budget is a tad tight now.  I’ve downloaded six free books, read one, and am halfway through a second one.  This is with taking breaks to play the free word game I downloaded, cook dinner, play with the dogs, write, and do laundry today.

     I love that I can easily adjust the print size.  I find a bit larger print keeps my eyes from tiring. 

     Gavin is not amused with it because I am reading and not paying constant attention to him.  The dog thinks I have nothing better to do than cuddle and pet him.  At least he hasn’t tried to snag the Kindle from my hand as he has books on occasion.

     DH loves it because I don’t have to turn the light between our chairs on high to read.  It is easy to read in low light.

A woman’s prerogative

This what my Kindle looks like


     As a woman, I have the right to change my mind.  As a writer, I owed it to myself to learn all I could about E-books and E-readers.  At least that’s what an agent told me recently. 

     “You should really know everything you possibly can about E-books and E-readers.  After all they aren’t going away, they are getting better.”  She said.

     I whined, “But what about book signings and the feel of a real book in your hands?”

     “Don’t worry there will always be real books.  However, E-books and E-readers will get your books out there to more people, younger people.”

     The discussion went on for quite some time and by the end, I was still whining, but I figured that I’d better take her advice and look into the whole business.

     I checked out all sorts of E-readers and then I bought a Kindle.  It arrived yesterday around noon.  I spent the rest of the day learning about it, playing with it, dressing it in a skin, and even downloaded two free books and a game.

     I hate to admit it, staunch book fan that I am, but…I like it.