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     I’ve had my blucigs for almost two weeks now, and in that time, I’ve only smoked four regular cigarettes.  That’s quite a big accomplishment for me. 

     I replaced my dead fog machine yesterday.  I have far too many enablers.  😉

     G has Little D’s Halloween birthday cake all figured out.  She’s making a sheet cake cemetery.  I finally caught Little D’s mother R today to ask how many candles we should put on the cake—a detail we’d forgotten.  DUH.

     While driving yesterday G and I noticed that many of the trees around here have donned their brightly colored fall fashions. 

     The pups are enjoying the chilly weather and are so full of energy they’ve been chasing each other around the house like maniacs.  It’s a wonder there’s a stick left standing here.  Everything in the curio cabinet has wandered to one side from the thundering herd’s floor rattling romps.

     You all have a good day.  If you live where you actually have a pretty fall, do try to get out and enjoy the colors.