Day 28

G took me out for lunch for my birthday. We went to one of our favorite places.

On the way there we stopped at CVS because I’d had an early morning ‘your drugs are ready’  call from them. I was worried about if I had drug coverage or not. I went prepared to tell them to put them back on the shelf depending on the cost.

Fortunately, it seems I still have some coverage, at least for now. Good thing too, seems Big Pharma charges a fortune for the drug that helps me breathe. Yeah, without it I can’t move any air. Non-covered it would cost a whopping $369.99 every month.

Yeah, and these days the idiot in the White House and his cronies are making sure we get less and less coverage. What they want is to turn the middle class and the poor into slave labor for them (the rich and powerful, the 1%) and as for those of us who are too old or ill…well, they’d rather see us dead.

Need a certain drug to survive? Hey, tough shit. We want to make billions sucking you dry. So either hurry and die or pay our price.


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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