Being conscious of what I eat…

Down another pound. This going to a weight doctor seems to be helping.

Stopped to pick up a nice sushi lunch after I left there. Plugged it into my phone app so I could see what calories I had left for dinner.

Had a simple cheeseburger on a thins and fries dinner.

Finished out the day almost even on my calories.

Hoping that by lowering the calorie number from 1200 to 1000 it will speed the weight loss along.

A lot tougher to stay in that range.



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  1. NO! Don’t do it! Dropping to 1,000 calories/day may cause your body to start hoarding calories again! Please, please, stick to the goal your Dietitian set. To help out – I eat 1,750 calories/day, and that maintains my weight in the ‘good’ area of BMI. Also, if you lose weight too fast, you end up with sagging skin; your skin needs time to contract. A 1/2 pound per week is about the right speed. I know it sounds terrible and the length of time to lose the desired weight can suddenly morph into years, but keep taking the small steps as those are the ones that work. Really. Big steps are not your friend on this journey; they are false friends and will take you back to where you started.

  2. Phew!! Thank you, and impressed you’re 12 weeks in – well done!! If it is of any help, I have a fitbit and the simple 250 steps/hour reminder has made a big difference. I don’t think you need to buy a fitbit, I’m not suggesting that, but the concept of an hourly step count may help you get to your goal. Keep on track – you’re doing wonderfully!!

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