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Some days are made for chilling

The Curmudgeon was grumpy all day. He did his best to poke the bear.

So rather than fall prey to his nattering and complaining, I picked up my Kindle and spent the day reading snuggled on the couch with Lucy.

Nothing got finished except a couple of books.

shut up and let me read


“He knew what he signed up for…”

#45 proved once again how he’s such a compassionate man. (Cough, cough)

I wish that whenever he’s spotted in public, anyone near him would, in a loud voice, tell him, “Well, you knew what you signed up for…”

When he whines and throws a temper tantrum on Twitter the only response to him should be, “You knew what you signed up for…”

#45 is the shame of our nation.

shut up and let me read


Hehehe…It’s that time of year again

So G and I went to Target. we bought a few things we needed and then there was this costume for Lucy that I couldn’t resist buying.


That’s done…next?

I managed to get over to the lab for the blood test before my weight management doctor’s appointment. Yay me.  (The PA called me later and told me I need to have another blood test due to one of the other test results…)

The PA was tickled for me. In my first 6 weeks, I lost 7.2 pounds!

All because I wasn’t eating enough. Yep, I said not enough. Threw me for a loop too.

well read woman

Keeping track of things…

It’s not easy. I have to keep track of my doctor appointments, his many doctor appointments, the dog’s vet appointments, and do all of the other stuff around here.

There are many days where I don’t know if I am coming or going. Days where I swear I am going to run into myself running another errand.

I feel like as soon as my butt hits the couch or my desk chair The Curmudgeon or Lucy decide they need something that only I can do for them.

Some evenings, after he goes to bed, I pass out on the couch from exhaustion for a couple of hours. Some evenings, after he goes to bed, it’s all I can do not to sit there and cry my eyes out. And then there are the evenings where he has has driven me up a wall all day and I would love to have a drink or two but I don’t.

Now I get to sit here the rest of the night and into the morning with only water to drink, no food, and hope after I get my blood tests done the doctor gets the results before I get there.

the scream

*Banging head on desk*

Realized around 10 p.m. That I’d forgotten to get the blood tests done the doctor ordered last month. I’ll be there Monday afternoon for my appointment I wonder if I run over early in the a.m. and get the test done if they’ll get it before my appointment.


old gals still rock

Nice outing

G and I finally got to go to the farmers market yesterday.

We stopped at the CVS to drop off her prescription first.

Then we stopped for lunch at Ringers Roost. Love the Halloween decorations they have up inside and out.

We had one of their lunch specials, we both ordered the lobster pizza.


Very tasty!!!

After lunch we went to the farmers market where I bought salads and roasted cauliflower at the Mediterranean stand, and bar cookies for The Curmudgeon at another stand.

It wasn’t a cheap fix

Guess who had to buy a new refrigerator?

That’s right, me.

Yep, to fix the 11 year old one cost more than buying a new one.

So, I’m getting a smaller version of the back porch one for the kitchen.

At least we had an honest repairman (not connected with any of the appliance stores) who recommended we buy another one rather than spend the money to fix it.The Curmudgeon was all for repairing it.

The new compressor would cost us almost as much with labor as a new fridge. Also, he asked for a flashlight to check on something else. He spotted another, even more expensive, ‘soon to be a problem’ problem, and showed it to me. The cost to fix that would be over a grand and he was sure it would need to be done within a few months.

The Curmudgeon finally agreed with me that buying one would be more cost effective in the long run.


Resist, protest, never let #45 win.

#45 now wants to shut down the networks. That pig of an orange dyed pile of shit wants to stop the free press. Fuck you #45.

He’s managed to bully the NFL into telling those who kneel that they will not play. Hell, the players should walk out and all of them tell the owners to fuck off.

Never have I been so ashamed of this country as I am every day that tangerine toddler remains in office.

Today’s Tee



Back to seasonal temperatures?

3:00 a.m. and it’s 61 degrees. Same time yesterday it was 71.

Lucy is thrilled with the improvement in the weather as am I. This weather is best for The Curmudgeon. Too bad we can’t have low to mid 70s during the day and low to mid 60s at night all the time.

Thursday the refrigerator repairman arrives. I hope it’s a cheap fix and not some expensive horror.

Good sleeping weather…


Now, about those wildfires in Ca.

3 a.m. October 10th and it is a very humid 71 degrees and all I can think about is all the devastation we’ve seen in this country over the last six months.

Wildfires are again in the news, this time in California wine country. The destruction is horrible to see.

More people have lost everything and I doubt there’s going to be any help coming from the Orange moron. Oh wait, it’s wine country and a white majority there…but California…hmmm.

Watch what he does now…

Today’s Tee

I run

Running the AC in October. Yeah, strange.

The rain has come back so my now parched yard can recover from the last month of no rain.

USPS delivery: “We tried to deliver at 4:08 p.m.”

If you had tried to deliver you would have seen The Curmudgeon sitting a mere 8 feet from the door, in full view of the door. This is not the first time someone lied about trying to deliver.

USPS redelivery form is broken. Parts of it are NOT working. Sent an E-mail asking them to please call me. We’ll see what happens.

I can see my sanity from here