Trick or Treat!

G and I took Lucy to go pick up her allergy meds. Before we went inside the vet’s office, we dressed her in her costume.


She had them all in the giggles in no time. She also got to meet and love on the new vet in the group. Lucy was a big hit. She posed for pictures and had a blast.

After that we stopped at the liquor store to pick up more Buttershots for my caramel apple drinks. ( Caramel apple drink: one shot of Buttershots in a glass of apple cider.) Yummy!

Our last stop was at the beauty salon for Lucy to visit the gals and show off her costume.  She had a great time and posed for pictures there too.

Spent the rest of the day getting the porch ready–sorry forgot to take pictures. My back was killing me, has been since having to move The Curmudgeon on Friday before the ambulance got there.

Trick or Treaters arrived a few at a time then we hit a long lull, I had cauldron full of candy–this cauldron:

HPIM4189Boy, was I worried that we’d have a TON of candy left over.

Then the hordes arrived and almost completely cleaned us out of candy. Yay! By 8:00 this is all I had left.1028170312aPorch cleared after 8:00 and dinner was served. we all enjoyed the lasagna and G’s lovely cupcakes. 1028170318

The few pictures I took:



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