We have that Orange guy sitting in the White House who tweets about bullshit and ignores the plight of our people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island.

His Russian connections and insane expenditures on himself should be enough to enrage the average American.

However, when he denigrates Athletes for a calm and quiet protest over excessive police violence and racial inequality repeatedly on social media to direct attention away from the fact that he is being investigated for treasonous acts…(I get so angry) the sooner that man is impeached and jailed, the better.

Once he and all his cronies are impeached and jailed for treasonous acts we can work on healing America from his (cough cough) greatness.

Once we clean out the roach motels otherwise known as congress and the senate and put decent well-meaning people in office that are of the people by the people and for the people then maybe the healing of our country can begin.

We are not this country these sleazeballs make us out to be. We are far better than that.

Stand tall or take a knee just remember this is our country and we need to clean it up and get back to the business of moving forward into a bright future not dragging us back to a dark past.

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