This non president and congress have a lot to account for…

If ever someone deserved a good old fashioned tarring, feathering, and ridden out of town on a rail, it is #Twitler #notmypresident #whitehouserat #Cheeto and every member of congress who supports the bullshit they are ramming down our throats.

Gentlemen and ladies (and I use the terms loosely), You do not deserve to be in office. You have forgotten that We the People are your bosses. You are not ours.

It’s time you all joined reality. You need your salaries cut to the bone, your special privileges ripped away, and all that gravy scraped off your plates.

Your salary should be no more than the average American earns. You should pay into Social Security like the rest of the people do. Your medical insurance should also be the same as the average American.

You were elected by us to do a job. A job you have failed to do. Instead, you are working for big corporations and any other lobbyist who pays you enough.

This has to stop.

Give us back our clean water and air.

Give us back our public lands and the protection of the animals of our country.

Give us a safe infrastructure.

Stop spending money on wars and destruction and instead, spend it on taking care of the veterans, the poor, the old, sick and hungry.

Give our country back its humanity.

Give our country back its soul.

Stop with the racism, bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia.

Give us our heart.



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