Gavin looks like he’s been through a war…

We had a veterinary emergency run yesterday morning. Gavin had a small mass on his anus burst open and we had blood everywhere.

The Curmudgeon called the vet while I tried to stem the flow without success. Finally I grabbed an old pair of his undies and pulled them on Gavin pulling his tail through that convenient hole.

After some surgery there, while he was still out, our vet removed numerous skin tags and warts from his face, legs, and body since we don’t want him under anesthesia any more than necessary.

Gavin slept when he first got home then when he got up and poddied, he wanted his food. He demanded food. He screamed for food. Poor baby didn’t get breakfast and it was well past dinnertime.

I think he’ll survive now that he ate. We still have a bit of post anesthesia whining off and on, but by morning he should be fine.

Alcohol suit up



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  1. So sorry!! Glad you caught the problem so quickly and got him to the vet right away. It’s a painful thing to have. Hugs to him and extra treats!

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