Interesting day

The Curmudgeon had a decent day until sitting on the front porch in the sun managed to wipe him out.

I’m sure you are asking, “Now why was he sitting on the porch in the sun long enough to wipe him out?”

Well it has to do with two dogs, not ours, and trying to get them safely off the street.

G and I had gone to Target again to pick up two more movies, made a side trip to a little grocery store nearby, and then came home.

I’d bought a small container of pumpkin fudge at the grocery, and after tasting it decided G would love some too. I wrapped up a piece for her and walked over to her house.

Caught her just finishing lunch so she had a nice, sweet dessert to top it off.

When I walked out of her gate, and a little past her car, I got molested by two very friendly pit bulls. No owner in sight. Both looked overheated so I talked to them as I walked back home. hoping to give them water and get them on leashes.

I went inside for treats, a dish, and water, telling The Curmudgeon to call animal control.

The boy was very happy for water and treats but about then, the girl sensed I was up to something, and got cautious. Soon taking off down the street.

The Curmudgeon came out on the porch and kept the boy occupied while I went back inside for a leash. Animal control was on the way.

Our animal control guys are very nice, and very good with dogs. One of our favorite guys showed up to take the boy. I told him about the female, described her, and told him what direction she’d gone.

I hope he found her.

The traffic around here is too fast and very dangerous for roaming animals. At least one is safely off the street.

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