To the people who feed the squirrels…

Please don’t.

Yeah, I know you think they are so cute and all but…

You don’t live here, you just come here and feed them.

It’s not your tomatoes or your eggplants they ruin.

They don’t chew through your garbage can lids and scatter your garbage everywhere.

They don’t drop garbage they scavenge (chicken and pork bones) in your yard for your dogs to get hold of, nope, but we have to watch our dogs every second because you feed the squirrels.

Yes, it is your fault.

You see because you feed them all winter and summer they breed like crazy and neither they nor their young move on to greener pastures. No, they hang around here and cause mass destruction.

They’ve chewed all the wiring on our outdoor lights and the neighbors’ lighting. After about the fourth ruined set of lights here, I quit buying more.

We no longer sit outside because they’ve ruined our yard furniture. And because of all the holes they dug in the yard, The Curmudgeon doesn’t get to enjoy his mobility cart much.

So the next time you plan to feed the squirrels…please make other plans and leave them be, they don’t need your help.

bad squirrelThey are more like this

Than this

dont feel like doing shit

More like this

fear my wrath

Than this

Squirrel with bagpipes


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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