Tech advancing

So now I have a new cell phone, an LG Rebel LTE.

I guess this means I have another time suck in my life. Or at least I have had one all day and half the night as I set things up the way I wanted.

Not being a fool I had the kid that sold me my phone and network get everything up and running before I left the store.

Next stop was to take G and I out to lunch at a local diner. Best Gyros ever!

Then we went to my car dealer where they linked my phone to the car’s Bluetooth connection. Like I said, I’m no fool.

Once home, I spent a few hours getting to know my phone and the few apps it has on it for now. I’ll get around to adding more later.

I even loaded my music on it.

Yep, I am treating it the same way I have all my computers from the old Commodore on. I am exploring everything and learning all about my new companion.

I hate having a cell phone. I do not want to be connected to the world 24/7. Which means, unless I need it, it won’t be turned on.

It’s paid for a year ahead. Even caught the phone at half price on sale.

Maybe that’s why I had all that trouble buying one before. I wasn’t meant to have it until I could get it cheap. LOL!

It does take nice pictures…



Today’s Tee shirt

well red


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