Fun with scammers day!

Hey everyone! Guess what time it is?

Yep, you got it!

It’s time for more fun with scam callers.

Hit them with your best shots. We have two new numbers for you to play with today.

Are you ready?

Here goes!



Previous numbers are:



Have fun!

*Quick note*  I got another call again the following day and here’s the number: 1-210-249-0540

amuse me


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  1. Rose-Anne Raimondi

    Hi, I was “googling” this number 701-843-8808 and came up with your blog. It comes up as a Josh Sanders in ND. He called my mother’s house and tried to hack into her computer. Bless the older computer users…Mom got skeptical after she turned on the computer as he asked her to and stopped before she could key in the numbers he told her to. He said he was “upgrading her windows” then said she was “hacked” and he would fix it for her. His caller ID came up on her phone as the same name above. He got mad at her when she said she didn’t believe him and then hung up but her computer is showing some issues now.

    Just curious how and why you have it listed? He must be a scammer obviously but a dumb one if he didn’t even block his number.


    • His number came up on our caller ID when he called trying to scam my husband. Therefore, I published it, and I will continue to publish any and all scammers’ numbers who call here. If they are stupid enough to call me, I have no qualms about publishing their numbers. I even tell them I am publishing their numbers. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for putting this on your blog. I assumed it was a scam all along but sometimes they really do get you and of course my mom said he sounded so legit. If I did not see your blog I would not have been able to confirm it. I appreciate your information!

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