Poor old boy…

I wasn’t kidding in the least when I said Gavin hates going to the vet’s office. As sweet as they are to him, he stresses out completely.

By the time Dr. Ashley got to him, he was a stressed out mess. Poor traumatized baby who never even felt the shot when he got it. Insists that they mistreat him there.

More like treat the heck out of him…he got cheese on a tongue depressor, twice! Lots of his Nutro berry treats for tricks to keep his mind off of where he was. One tech loaded him up on dog food treats after she took his temperature. All this before Dr. Ashley came in to give him his shot.

Why does he hate going there? We will never figure it out. But the older he gets the worse he about it.

He has to go back for a booster. I asked about just giving him the shot in the car. Dr. Ashley thinks it might be a good idea. Anything to lower his stress level.

easy-cheese1He loved it!

nutro treatsHe got a lot of these. We buy these and each of the other flavors they make. Good treats. Healthy treats.


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