I lose my words some days

One of the perks of being the wife and caregiver of an MS patient is the level of daily stress you have.

It affects my writing, I don’t do much these days.

I also find that I lose words often. I can be in mid sentence and the word I intended to use disappears.

Poof, it is gone and I can’t find it so I stutter and stop while my brain goes through its search engine. However, more often than not that search comes up error 404.

I miss the peace and quiet of nights where The Curmudgeon actually stayed in bed and I could write uninterrupted. Now I tend to stay in a waiting-for-his-door-to-open stasis, not daring to open a book file and start writing, because invariably as soon as I do, his door opens and he comes downstairs.

I’ve lost many words.

Today’s T-shirt

well read woman

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